Sunday, October 31, 2004

i finally went k-box for the very 1st time today. goodness, i must have been living under a rock all these years. anyway, to go k-box is because there's a huge variety of songs to sing right? you can select till your fingers break also no problem.

but, my entire k-box session with my family (my 2 younger brothers, my mum, my younger cousin, and my grandfather) consists of like, 98% jay chou songs and 2% dumb songs.

now, those 98% jay chou songs are obviously not all the songs he sang lah.. we also selected songs that he wrote for the other artistes. and you know what infuriated me the most? my grandfather said his songs so damn bloody easy to sing coz its all rap and no sing.


the problem is, my dear grand-daddy, is that his raps are too damn bloody fast for us to 'catch' and even when his songs are ballads, they are either: a) too high or b) super chim words.

note that 'b)' only applies to only a super few of his songs. as for raps, please loh, whoever can learn 'ren ze' in 15 mins, i will chop down my head for that person to kick as football. never mind, generation gap with my grandfather.

but anyway, this k-box session is not very memorable for me.

why? reason: my cousin.

fine, he knows how to rap almost all of the jay chou songs. he knows ALL the lyrics to almost every song we selected.


he can't keep a bloody note in tune!!!!! now, i really admire my cousin for manage to memorise so many of jay chou songs, especially those super chim raps, but he can even rap out of tune! my goodness! *claps* i know i shouldn't be that evil lah.. but whatever.

my singing is not the best anyway, i can stand up and admit that. in fact, i sang pretty out-of-tune in some parts too, but i am going to be thick-skinned here and say its my cousin who influenced me because he sang too bloody loud and i can't hear the music at all. *smirks*

also, i walked past one of the rooms and heard a rendition of 'dao dai' that is absolutely cringe-worthy.

so, after singing for goodness knows how many hours, we finally went to eat!

i realised something. singaporeans can be really damn xia lan if they can. ok, we went to this place that is obviously, quite famous due to the huge amounts of people eating even though it was already like, 3pm in the afternoon. they were even featured in some food programme from channel u.

so, obviously, we need to wait for a table. we found one table, with like 6 seats on it, 4 which were empty. the other 2 seats were taken up by a couple, who were already finished with their meal. we took the 4 seats first, and my brother and i stood to wait for the couple to finish.

but, the woman was damn fucking bitchy to the core. the guy was like, 'come on, let's go.'

guess what she said?? bitch(pointed to the glass of barley which was 3/4 empty and said in a damn bitchy tone): 'i haven't finish drinking yet!' and proceeded to drinking the stupid barley.


but bloody hell. guess what she did next? she took a super-duper freaking tiny sip of the barley drink, then passed the rest to her poor spouse.

its obvious that she was doing that for goodness-knows-what reasons to feel she's damn VIP. the guy just took the drink and gulped it down in one mouthful.

what the fucking hell is up with that woman?

then when i sat down, i realised something. this is not the first time that happened to me man. it happened before, with a group of family who were taking their own sweet time to finish up some veggies or something.

i mean, its damn bloody obvious that they were deliberately doing that to feel important. HUH??

what you expect me to say?

me(kneels down): 'oh, my dear majesties/empresses, please kindly offer your seat to your humble servant because i am too damn fucking hungry.'


n mind you, those so-called majesties/empresses are always those middle-aged people who dressed like shit and still behave like they are most important people of the entire freaking world.

*sighs* just be a little more considerate lah, people. we are also hungry, you know?!?!?!

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