Saturday, October 30, 2004

nothing much happened today.... i initially wanted to wake up at 10am.. then go down to california fitness to sign up for one month's free(my mother got that for me).. but i couldn't wake up.. *sighs*

chatted with teckie over msn today.. on Naruto. my goodness, i am even more desperate to watch Naruto now.. Sasuke is so damn cool!!! ^__^ and we chatted quite a while over a very special genre of fanfiction.. *winks*

just saw the repeat of showbiz. now, i am not exactly a fan of 5566. i only like some of their songs and i find them quite silly sometimes with their antics. however, i hafta admit, they make great hosts. once meng ze starts crying, i felt so sorry for him. i mean, he's only 19. damn, i always thought he's just a yr older than us. but anyway, he's still a young lad, there are times where his temper will get the better of him. well, it happens to me ALL THE TIME.

so, while he is wrong to beat someone up.. come on, you shouldn't beat anyone up, especially when you are in the entertainment industry. however, when i heard meng ze's version of the events, i feel people shouldn't condemn him. after all, he apologised. and even bloody cried on national tv. he's a huge guy, and it really shocked me to see him cry.

the reporter was quite an asshole too. -_-'' .. reminds me of an incident about jay. there was one time where one bloody reporter also started snapping pictures of him and a certain ms. tsai *coughs*.. he got bloody pissed, and wanted to snatch the camera away. but the reporter had already run away by then. ^_^;

but what i found dumb was, they asked meng ze to read out some crap and even signed on it. HUH??

i'm sorry, but that reminded me of how mr lai forced the boys to read out some crap after canning them in MJR everytime.. *lmao* poor guy. let's hope nothing worse will happen to the poor boy.

also watched mars today. oh my freaking goodness, i love zai zai!! mind u, i don't like f4. in fact, its a little to the dislike side. ^_^;; .. don't kill me , PT.

but zai zai's acting improved a lot since his meteor garden days. in fact, he did the bad boy role of ling so wonderfully well that i'm amazed. also, he gained a little weight and looked even better now. he used to be so damn freaking skinny loh..

ok.. off to watch armed reaction 4. wow, so many bloody things to watch..

currently listening: Gackt - Vanilla (accoustic version)..this is a very sexy song.
currently watching: armed reaction 4 (getting crappier.. but no choice, hafta finish the show).

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