Thursday, October 28, 2004

OMG! they discovered a Hobbit! wow. O_O... i don't freaking believe it man.. this is so damn exciting. always i have wondered about dwarves and little beings.. and they discovered a Hobbit now?? *screams* what about Elves? ^_~

Ok.. nothing happened much today. ping ting came over to my house in the afternoon to pass me the order form for jay's gong zai because she doesn't have a fax machine at home.. so i will do the faxing instead. *sighs* don't have internet payment meh?? so damn bloody troublesome... i bet the processing will take a looong time. -_-'' i can't wait for my gong zais!!

she commented on how fast the scrolling is. ok.. so i edited it.. i think it is better now lah... and i kinda like how small the words are.. so can't change. ^__^

after that.. she went home.. then i went to play badminton at toa payoh sports hall with my brothers. they are great players. or rather, i am a crap player. i am crap in all kinds of sports due to this shitty eczema problem that forced me to give up sports since young. so why am i playing sports now? never die before mah.. actually, it's because i can bathe immediately after exercising.. so the chance of my skin flaring up is much reduced.

watched singapore idol just now. erm.. i just don't get the whole 'big band' craze, i guess. i don't know how to appreciate that kind of music. -__-'' slyvester rocks! i love him~~ taufik ain't bad too..

obviously i listen to all those kind of mainstream music like r&b and hip-hop.. but i also listen to music like those found in movie soundtracks and those background music from animes. i am a sucker for such songs, especially those really sad and depressing kinds. i love those kind! oh, and i listen to jap music like Gackt, L'arc en ciel, X Japan, Malice Mizer and the likes.. gotta ask jerry to burn those stuff for me.. ^__^

ok.. off to watch MARS on e-city now.. zai zai is so damn shuai! *drools*

currently downloading: same old anime.. 4.6 gigs!!
currently listening: absolutely nothing.

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