Wednesday, October 27, 2004

changed the skin of my blog. thanks for that comment, KY, but i am not that brilliant. stole it from Blogskins. i kinda like this layout though, has the 'gothic' and angsty feel to it, and i guess it's quite me.

a terribly tiring day for me today.. muscles aching all over right now. i woke up at 10am this morning, when i only slept at 4.30am last night. bloody hell... >_<

i shopped around with my mother first around the HDB Hub, and i bought a pair of pants from giordano and one of their 'ME' t-shirts. haha.. damn comfortable man. but i needa alter the length of my pants.. no choice... legs not long enough..

so after that, i went swimming in the afternoon by myself at toa payoh swimming complex. my swimming skills are still as crap as ever. i mean, my swimming is so damn freaking slow. but i managed to reach what i wanted, which was 20 laps of breaststroke in the competition pool.. i know i know, not much. but i haven't been swimming for a looooong while. *sighs*

i went back to the Hub after that. bought a new item from crystal jade bakery, 'coffee cup cake.' tasted like shit. i prefer the original version and the po lo bun. and went to collect my pants after that. fast service sia.. ^_^;

by that point, i was pretty dead tired. BUT!! i still hafta go to my cousin's house to borrow her 'rurouni kenshin' dvds for my brother. stupid asshole, kept pestering me to borrow the dvds from my cousin. hello? i watched that anime like, 2 years ago and i consider that very late already. just kidding lah.. happy watching, my brother!

so right now, after watching the champion on channel 8(which is getting pretty cliche, by the way), and sending teckie some gackt songs, i needa go sleep already. i am aching all over. my goodness! x_x

Currently listening: Gackt - Fragrance (TECKIE! UR FAULT!!) ^_~
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