Tuesday, November 30, 2004

'my jay!' 2nd day, 26th NOV 2004:

so, i started the second day with a heavy heart. i arrived at the indoor stadium around 4.30pm, and didn't manage to catch jay going in. apparently, jay just went in lah.

but i still waited at the back door nonetheless. and NQMM's dan tou came out!! he signed a few autographs (i didn't get to jut my book in his face in time.. ;_______;) and even posed for pt's camera!!!! i think he recognised her.. HER HAIR, people. so damn obvious.

but the problem is, she was taking a video. and before she could switch to still shots, he already went in le.. -_______-''

she regretted it lor. and i managed to take a good picture of dan tou with my camera phone. soooo damn cute!! she kept asking me to send her that picture.. and i did, by the way. i don't go behind my words de lor.

so after a while, around dunno what time, all the people came out to pray!! my heart skipped a beat when i saw jay.. even though still quite pissed at him due to the day before. he was wearing a blue shirt, and his head was wrapped with some cloth that made him look so damn shuai.

then the stupidest thing happened while they were waiting for the joss sticks to light. some dumb girls beside us (chasing NQMM de) screamed, 'NQMM ZUI BANG!!'

wa lan eh!!

first of all, we shouldn't even scream in the first place due to the praying thingy. its so damn rude and disrespectful.

2ndly, jay was there. JAY WAS THERE. can you imagine how he will feel if some idiots scream for only NQMM and not him? especially when he's obviously, the main limelight???

immediately, my mind told me to scream for JAY. i did, but stopped immediately coz i know its rude. well, pt screamed too, in case u people thought its only me who was screaming.

wa lao lor. those stupid girls caused me to lose my control. i was pissed.

landy also came out. wow, is all i can say. i envy her body lor. really damn good.

ju pao was wearing a pink shirt!! so kawaii!! gary i can't remember. -_-''

anyway, once they finished praying.. they went back in and and my anger dissolved when he WAVED!! he finally waved at the fans!!!!!!!!!!!! that's all i ask for!! not an autograph, not pictures, just simple acknowledgements. ^_^!!!

so, immediately, we went to the main gate to queue up le lor. pt said it's really damn irritating to queue up at a later time.. so, we were among the first to went in..

we bought a white jersey.. with the word JAY and the number 18 behind. 18 is due to his birthday's jan 18, i believe.

and went NUTS when we realised how close out seats are to the stage!! OMG!!!!!!! our section is A35, row 7. WOW WOW WOW. our seats are just about level with the stage.. and the premier seats looked really damn sucky. lucky we didn't get those seats.

so, we waited for quite a while.. however, the atmosphere's quite disappointing lah. when the black thingy was connected to the stage from the back stage (its a centerstage), nobody screamed lor. its so damn obvious jay's inside.

however, when the lights went out, quite a bit screamed. okay..

but the glowsticks not many. the people around us are all couples. its so damn obvious they are those lazy bums who won't stand at all.
WTF lor. these people doesn't even have any glowsticks.

i was so damn pissed liao. but screamed and screamed when they showed his panasonic tv ad.
-_-'' then finally, the concert started! OMG!!!!!!!!!

I WENT NUTS WHEN HE APPEARED!! there were 3 full-length curtains on the stage.. obviously covering the props.

however, the best thing was, when BOOM! smoke and fireworks and everything.. these 3 curtains fall and we saw JAY!! on a gothic-looking cross!! descending down to the stage from the top!! in front of us!!!!!! RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!!!!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS!! we were so damn lucky that he's facing us lor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was screaming so badly, and pt's tears welled up. he looked like a god!! and yes, he's a god to me!!!

we knew that the taiwan concert, he descended on a cross. but we never know that he will do it in singapore. coz 1st, INDOOR stadium. 2nd, he can only face one side then. but he did it nonetheless. n he did the chair thingy!! his chair leaned back 45 degrees and he looked so damn shuai!! his chair moved in four directions, so each side can c him tilt back. OMG!! not only that, u hafta c how his chair turned!! he just hafta turned his head or point to that direction, and that fucking chair turned!! DIAO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG!! excuse me while i try to breathe normally.

ok, i was still sitting down cause basically, in our section, its super dead. only the girls beside us, and some girls behind super enthu de.

but i was screaming really badly. by the song, jiang jun, i couldn't take it anymore!! HOW CAN U ACTUALLY SIT DOWN WHEN HE'S SINGING JIANG JUN?? its hip-hop, for goodness' sake!!
we just stood up lor.. and some stood up too.. but wtf. this fucking AUNTIE actually TOUCHED US and ordered us to sit down. well, all i can say is, fuck you, bitch. if u wanna sit down, go to buy the $68 lah. don't snatch up these $150 seats and derive more die-hard fans of the opportunity to catch their idol performing on stage upclose.

come on lor. we are obviously the more spoilt side, as jay faced us most of the time. yet, these fucking people are sitting down?? and what's worse, the opposite's side more enthu loh!! all these people are already standing up and rocking their glowsticks to the beats.

i was so seriously pissed. it took such a long while for our side to warm up lor.

halfway through the concert, i actually got up from my seat and just ran down to the first row to catch jay very very very upclose. many people were doing that by then.

the ushers were good lor, they didn't stop us from running down to first row and only told us to return to our seats after jay had gone to other sides.

i took soo many pictures. but only a few came out good. nvm. i can still totally remember jay.

the remix song of ti tian and ba wo hui lai le.. got me screaming so much!! he played the flute!! HE PLAYED THE FUCKING FLUTE!! I DIDN'T KNOW HE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THE BLOODY FLUTE!!!

he even tried to breakdance a little. and hahahaahaha!! i think he almost fell down. so damn cute lor. and he dropped his mic to the floor so hard (coz he needa use two hands to support himself) that we heard it TOOM!

he also b-box!! THIS GUY EVEN KNOWS HOW TO B-BOX?????? and he did it darn well, in fact. he even said, 'sin-ga-pore. sin-ga-pore.' as part of his b-boxing. kawaii!!

then he threw his necklace to the east side(we were on the west) and many screamed. i bet there was a frenzy of fans trying to get that necklace.

other highlights obviously included his piano playing. my goodness. he brought his favourite pink piano to singapore lor. its yamaha, by the way. he played the piano and sang a slow version of qing tian!! ARGHHH!! beautiful! then, the next thing is.. omg.. GE QIAN!!

he managed to hit all those damn hard high notes!! OMG!! WOW!!!!!

then, he said some things about chinese people won't lose to western people in music and blah blah, then invited yu hao out and both of them started playing classical pieces with the piano!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually, yu hao is better in piano that jay. that i won't deny. come on lah, even jay admitted it himself.

first, yu hao played this dunno what song, then jay was like, walking around and putting on a stern expression, like a teacher with a student.. so cute!! then jay took over and we went even more nuts!!!

jay's fingers so damn freaking long!! its really great to watch him play the piano.. and playing the piano so fast that his fingers.. never stop moving sia!!

then they played turkey march. first, yu hao. then, jay. then, both of them started playing together!! so, all you can c are 4 hands and dunno how many fingers!!

then oh my goodness.. the next song is actually FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE!!! in case you guys dunno, its the super duper scary fast chiong-ing classical piece that maksim likes to play a lot.

so, really, so u could c are fingers n fingers n fingers moving so damn freaking fast.

jay's fingers so obvious lor. they are really very very long. go look at the cover of ye hui mei if you don't believe.

yu hao then played an jing for jay to sing. pt noticed yu hao wiping his eyes halfway through an jing. once again, jay's singing was perfect. then she told me to look, and i saw him wiping his eyes again lor. WAS HE CRYING???? OMG!! maybe its due to the song? the fans? jay's singing? i dunno!!

then jay sang faye wong's hong dou. wa lao.. tt song is stuck in my head ever since. he merged it with cantonese and chinese. wow.. wow.. wow.. once again, he managed to hit all those high notes, perfectly. wowowowowowowowoww!!

then, NQMM appeared!! special guests mah. actually, i think gary and ju pao appeared already, coz there was this really beautiful accostic segment where jay sang xing qing and ai wo bie zou. first, he sang hui dao guo qu and zui hou de zhan yi with two other guitar players. its so heartbreakingly beautiful. his live singing really really really improved so much. ;__;

then they passed over to ju pao and gary lor. and ju pao and gary even sang some parts of xing qing and ai wo bie zou and started walking around the stage. (most of the accostic segment were at the east side) omg. WHY JAY'S SINGING SO BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTBREAKING???

somehow, the accostic version of zui hou de zhan yi WORKS. he managed to make it sound even more sadder than before. ;__; ;__; ;__;

ok, so NQMM appeared on stage and sang XIANG CAO!!!!! ARGHHH!! we kept screaming!!! n snapped pictures like crazy. remember, we still on front row standing.

pt and i screamed for yu hao! and he heard us!! he was so bashful lor! he immediately looked down on the stage blushing!! hahahaha!!

the xiang cao dancing is really really super cute. i dunno how to describe it. but sooo cute!! then they were all dressed in costumes with the checked design and yu hao looked like a little boy boy coz his pants are 3/4 lor. so cute!! OMG!!

oh yah, i should mention that dan tou and yu hao faced us while the other two faced the other side.

so yeah, we were really lucky.

then NQMM sang xiao shi hou and halfway, jay appeared from below!! screams once more!!

ok, so a few more songs, and its time for landy's appearance. jay sang the first part of 'zhu wo sheng ri kuai le' then landy appeared and sang the 2nd part. yes, she faced us.

then she stripped into this skimpy costume and sang one of her fast numbers. wow... her underwear all exposed from all that booty shaking she's doing.. this guy behind us went nuts.. he was cheering and screaming..

we were smirking lor. coz finally, we get to see guys losing their control.

oh, and i read one of the reporters in some newspaper saying this is the first concert he/she went to which people didn't actually take a toilet break while the special guests are performing. haha.

dan tou also sang hei se you mo with jay. erm.. dan tou.. his singing not very good. jay's singing really so much better. but pt was crying by then.

the best performance hafta be shuang dao. i dunno why.. but i was really really high by then. he looked so damn diao!! he even played sword dancing with some dancer with weird makeup!! he also remixed this version, by adding shuang jie kun and long quan. everybody he he ha hi when he pointed the mic to the audience!!

he sang a few more songs and then, its time for encore!! we encored so many times!! 'jie lun jie lun jie lun jie lun jie lun...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

so he appeared for the first encore, and sang jian dan ai and ye ye pao de cha. ye ye pao de cha so damn cute lor! i totally loved the way he danced!!

2nd encore, he sang kai bu liao kou and qi li xiang. i was sooo touched, when everybody sang with him.. during qi li xiang.

then, its finished.

oh, and we saw kaili and karen too. in section A34. apparently, they got such great seats due to geng yan's sister, who is a reporter. row 3 lor, for goodness' sake!!

i was sooo high by the end of the concert! and was super glad we are going yet again the next day!!

but we were paranoid.. what if the ushers decided to be stricter? what if jay decided to face the other side the 2nd nite? what if coz due to already attending one, i can't get higher anymore? haha.. all i can say is, 2nd nite: THE BEST EVER.

so after the concert, we waited again outside the back door.. but nobody came out. waited around 30 mins. then we were leaving until we heard some girls saying they are on the other side. acting calm and imposed, pt and i walked to the other side.. a little frantically, i believed.

then we saw the van!! 8828!!! his van number!! RUN AHHHH!!

i immediately plastered myself to the back of his van, hoping he will sit at the back again.

so we waited for around 20 minutes.. i can't see anything, actually.. too many people at the front le.. then 2 people came out.. then took the back seat! i exclaimed OH CRAP and the girls beside us were laughing good-heartedly lor.. they were also cursing. ^_^ but then, i realised the back left seat still not taken.. hehe.

then we heard screams. obvious its jay lor.. we also screamed. then OMG OMG OMG OMG!! JAY SAT AT THE BACK LEFT SEAT!! he waved! HE WAVED TO US!!

all that separated me and him were just a piece of glass!! omg omg omg omg omg!! OOOOMMMMGGG!! A PIECE OF GLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAW HIM SO UPCLOSE!!!!!! AS SHUAI AS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

people started slapping against the back window.. i only knocked softly.. don't dare mah..

then.. security pushed us away from the van and i almost fell down.. *sighs*

then, 'my jay!!' second day is over.

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