Thursday, November 04, 2004

been to california fitness today. totally forgotten about how they work.. -_-''

and.. yeah!! Bleach Episode 5 is released!!! *cackles*

something has been bothering me since i watched the blackburn vs liverpool match on saturday. it's the dumb music that blackburn plays every time they score.

i mean, come on lor.. this is really very stupid. they play this super lame 'victorious' techno music and this alone can piss the hell out of anybody. yeah yeah, they score.. wow.. but must they play the music? to me, the best way to celebrate everytime your team scores is to just CHEER and SCREAM and SHOUT.. not by playing some dumb music that nobody will want to dance to.

but this, to me.. is still ok. what is the extreme? MASCOTS. #>_<

mascots are even dumber and lamer than music. all i can remember is leicester's mascot at the moment, which is a lion that looks even more dumb and faker than our own singapore's courtesy campaign 'lion' mascot. all these dumb mascots do is try to motivate the fans during a match.. and jump and run around as if they won the lottery everytime the team scores. it looks very idiotic by watching them jump and run around.

i'm glad liverpool doesn't have a mascot, and hope that the word 'mascot' is not in their dictionary and never will be. imagine the liverbird as a mascot? *OMG* that is gonna suck. i bet its gonna look worse than the KFC's chicken mascot. >_<

i will seriously consider cancelling the 'go to Anfield(liverpool's ground)' off my 'wants' list if such a thing happens. ;__;

to me, the best way to show your support is to SING. not by engaging in a mascot or by playing shitty techno music everytime your team scores.

that's what liverpool fans in Anfield are famous for. come on, you gotta admit, 'you'll never walk alone' rocks as a football song. ^_^

but yeah, Anfield has been a little quiet recently. let's hope Rafael Benitez will get the fans to sing as loudly again, like how the Kop sang during the 70's and 80's. that will definitely bring tears to my eyes.


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