Tuesday, November 16, 2004

i'm super fed up right now. now, the past few days in malaysia were brilliant.

i went to sungei wang, petaling jaya (i think most of u were know it as 'chi chiong gai') and lots of places to eat!

my aunt used to 'hun' chi chiong gai, so she knows many people and we have lots of discounts! now, the 1st thing that pisses me off is that my 1st aim is to buy a pair of adidas shoes coz PT had one pair and i like it. now, the reason why i am pissed is because she told me that she bought it for S$30+, which is around RM 75. NOW, i mistook it for RM 30 and rejected the chance to buy a pair of adidas at RM 48 lor. WTF. I am so terribly pissed right now, especially when the pair of shoes is one of the better quality ones. >_<##

however, i managed to get some nice t-shirts and one pair of denim skirt at sungei wang which is around S$20. it is very nice-looking sia, coz it had a huge pic of a skull-head at the back of the skirt. shows my POTC(pirates of the carribean) love. ^_^

This is not the 1st time i've been to malaysia actually, however, this very trip was terrible in the sense that i have to take a coach (due to forseen circumstances, we didn't have a car), and the trip back home from KL to Singapore was 7 fucking hrs. BLOODY HELL. the temperature inside the bus was so damn freaking cold that i feel like i am in london liao. i was initially supposed to go to london late nov, but my aunt's delivery date was pushed back and obviously, i have school in dec. *sighs* it was so damn freaking cold lor. not only that, but it seems like 1/4 of singaporeans are also 'chiong-ing' back to singapore and it resulted in a huge traffic jam. not only that, it rained like cats and dogs. as if the gods super buay song at us sia.

ok, u guys know its hari raya rite? most of the shops were closed in KL lor. so everybody chiong to sungei wang and chi chiong gai, and the people jam.. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

we went to chi chiong gai everyday, but sunday night was scary. the smell of alcohol was extremely strong, and there were so many freaking bangalesh around. mind u, i have nothing against them. but they were the ones who drank. my aunt was so freaked out that we had to leave, coz 1st: alcohol and 2nd: too many people that the mood to shop vanished instantly. >_<>SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i also went to pasar malam. the clothes were damn cheap. S$5 per piece. *smirks* the thing i noticed this time, is that the beggars disappeared. previously, there were so many beggars in pasar malams that it was scary. because these beggers either had distorted joints, or missing limbs. *shudders* i remembered i saw one begger that was like, lying on the road due to no legs, and his arms were distorted like doing extreme yoga sia. arghhhh! even my aunt (who stayed in malaysia dunno how many yrs.. she used to be a da jie in chi chiong gai) said he looked scary.

but thankfully, i had a great time with the food. we went to eat dim sum two days in a row for brunch (as usual, the amt of ppl were tremendous) and steamboat for dinner one night. WOW. it was incredible. the tow kee (beancurd skin) was so huge, and we had a feeling of satisfaction when we slurped the whole piece up(with chilli too). OMG. i ate so much that i felt like vomitting after that. but i never regretted it lah.

we also ate zi char too. one dish that was amazing was kong bao chicken. u might be thinking, 'got anything special meh?' wait till u hear this. the kong bao chicken was presented in a tray of fried yam. the fried yam was heavenly. the smell so nice lor. and obviously, it tasted great as well.

on the last day, we had duck rice/mee. the shop has one speciality, which is sesame chicken. WOWWWWW!! the sesame chicken tasted like char siew lor, but the smell is nicer. finally, i can eat char siew without pork! muahahahahahahahaha!! *continues to cackles* XD

right now, i am having a cold due to the bloody bus. 7 fucking hours, damn it.

now, today. not only i had to get my lazy arse out of the bed to get my lappy back from PT, i also played badminton. but the thing that pissed the hell outta me today is this piece of jolin news.


Jolin's special guest

IT will be a double treat for fans of Jolin Tsai when they attend her J1 World Tour 2004 concert here on Dec 11.

Jolin has just announced her guest star - none other than 'good friend' Jay Chou.

Despite Jay's company Alfa Music parting ways with Jolin's label Sony Music, a spokesman from Alfa Music was quick to say that Jay's appearance will not be affected by label politics.

However, Jolin, 24, refused to reveal what sort of special performances are to be expected from the 'double-J' power.

She said: "This requires deep thought, we have to do something very different!"

all i can say is, shut up, bitch.

this stupid fucker is damn evil, i tell you. knowing that her concert is not selling like hot cakes, she got Jay to help her to sell more tickets lah. u win liao lor. from what PT told me, only her cheapest tickets are sold out lor.

wa lao. u know how scary was jay's concert? on the very 1st day, and mind you, first week is only sold to mastercard holders.. most of the expensive tickets are already sold out. it was selling so well that they added another date like, 4 days later. fuck it lor.

this stupid woman not only used jay to write super brilliant music for her, now she's using jay for her singapore concert???? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who the fuck does she think she is????!!!!!!!????????? >___________________<####

now, what u want me to do? obviously, as you guys know, i love jay. now u want me to buy a ticket for JOLIN's concert??!??!?!?!?!??!?! i bet she will make jay sing the opening act, and the encore act too. so that she will make those jay fans stay behind to hear her horrible singing.

excuse me lor, i dun wan to see her exposing so many flesh and not concentrating on singing lor. this woman said her aim is to expose as much flesh as possible in the concert. what the hell.

come on lor, if u want to expose flesh, make sure you have GOT it lor. her boobs look crap on her, and she's not exactly very toned as well. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n not only that, i dun want to see her in some dumb cat costume too. it looks damn stupid too.

ARGHHHH!!!!!! *super-duper bloody buay song right now*

tomorrow, i am setting off to Bali, and will be coming back on the 23rd.

oh, and look at this: so damn funny. this is orlando's bloom on the set of Kingdom of Heaven, which i am obviously looking forward to. i never know that orli can look like a camel. ;___;

i hope this story is long nuff, PT. *grins* oh, and PT, ur face looks funny right now. looks like you put on some war paint to go on an african war. *smirks* for the rest of you who didn't get to see her, don't worry, i have her picture on my handphone. if she don't give me a hundred bucks, i will post THAT pic on the web. *roars in laughter*

Until then, cya.

currently downloading: FMA..around 9 gigs
currently listening: the game of LOTR's Third Age, which my brother and cousin is playing.

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