Monday, November 29, 2004

title: my jay!!

what an incredible past few days! i have to write it all down now so that i can recount it all over again and again and again and again..

ok.. so here it begins:

FIRST DAY(thursday, 25th Nov 2004):

PT and I speculated the night before at the flights he will be taking to come to Singapore. she said its not unusual for taiwanese artistes to take the flight, BR225 to singapore. i was like, 'but is Alfa(his recording company) so cheap meh??' she replied back with an affirmative 'yes.' i was totally.. -__________-''

but i strongly believed that its the SQ 29 flight he will be arriving in. so, the next day, i arrived at the airport earlier than PT, so she asked me to look around T2 1st. i can still remember.. it was belt 33 lor. i cannot believe it. i arrived back on the 23rd and my belt was 31 lor. if only i had stayed in the airport till he arrived. IF ONLY!!!!!!!!!! ok, so i saw quite a bit of fans around and took the initiative to ask who are they waiting for. she said jay lor. then i asked, 'u sure its sq 29?' she said nobody in T1(the br225 flight) and her friend who works in the airport said its SQ 29. Phew.

so.. PT finally arrived. we got really excited. and finally, i heard screams from some of the sharper-eyed fans next to us. PT saw him n screamed. i was like, 'where??????????' she said, WHITE SHIRT AND BLACK CAP!!!

then, i finally saw him!! i tried not to scream but i did!! ARGHHH!! many fans kept screaming his name and he heard it and kept waving.. but quite shyly lah. its not like, kept looking at the fans now and then and wave lor. he's not that outgoing sia. then i got really jealous of a lady inside who managed to took a picture wif him. wa lao lor. if only i stayed in the airport since nov 23rd. i remembered one particular male fan kept, 'jay chou jay chou jay chou'.. quite funny because his english suuuuper singlish lor.

so, he finally came out and many people immediately mobbed him. first thing i noticed about him.. he looked so thin!! like what he said on tv last time, as skinny as a monkey!! he looked so gaunt lor. 2nd thing, he's not exactly very tall. ^_^; coz two security guards immediately
surrounded him and he was completely covered!! quite a bit of fans molested him lor. wa lao eh.

bt i kept running.. trying to get in front of him so i can c him mah. pt dunno fly to where le. turned out she was taking video of him via her digital cam.

ok.. so we got to the van outside. and i almost knocked into a trolley full of luggages.. and i saw this really orh piang looking silver solid luggage. i was thinking, 'wa lao eh.. and this luggage looked so awful lor.' then i immediately ran to the back of the van.. n he moved to the back of the van to take the back left seat. yeah! he still continued waving(again.. not very hiong waving.. juz a tiny wave here n there) and some fans kept slapping their hands against the window sia.. then the security guard barked, 'EXCUSE!!' then he opened the back of the van! MY GOODNESS!

turns out they hafta load the luggage in. then i realised that trolley of luggages (with the orh piang silver luggage) are jay's luggages lor. -___________________-''

ok.. so he finally left. pt and i immediately looked around.. n complained that none of the fans wanted to chase him lor. all juz left right after he left. SIANZ 1/2!!

so we sat down again.. and speculated where he would go next. hyatt hotel? we found out he's staying at hyatt eons ago. mediacorp? he will haf an interview with Y.E.S 933. but pt said it might be a phone interview. turned out it was. or indoor stadium? for rehearsals mah. but i ruled that out. coz he needa REST.

so.. we decided on going to hyatt. wan leng said she would try to come down ASAP. i think she screamed when PT told her we saw jay's arrival. ^_^

n true enough, he's at hyatt. we didn't get to c him, mind you. but something else happened that made us excited too.

we waited outside the hyatt.. and got chased away by security. we tried again and again lah. then i got fed in and just went in the hyatt.. managed to slip past the guards coz its the side door. i needa go toilet too!! then all of a sudden, pt and i saw these 2 guys walking past us. i was about to comment who's the fucking extra who's wearing that super damn huge snow cap.

PT stuttered before i said again, 'yuuuuuuu hao!!' very softly. i was like, HUH???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? but she kept pointing at dan tou!! she got them mixed up lah. then i said to her, 'its dan tou lah..' she stuttered again (this time louder), 'da-aa-an t-ooo-uu!' i think he heard her.. but didn't turn around.

she said the guy next to him must be a dancer.. coz he wore till super damn hip-hop. damn shuai lor. but extra. i couldn't believe it. i didn't notice its them AT ALL.

she said there's a glow!! GLOW!! i commented that somehow, i can't c their glows. -_-''

the pathway they walked to lead to some gallery.. so they will definitely walk out again. when they walked out again, i was stoned. i kept scrutinizing the guy wearing the snow cap, and i noticed its YU HAO!! he was also wearing goodness-damn-huge glasses.. so its hard to recognise him.

pt likes dan tou.. so her eyes only on him.

then we followed them and realised they going out of hyatt. we immediately ran out of hyatt and i couldn't find them anyway. suddenly, pt kept shaking me, i was like, WHAT??? she pointed at the opposite direction and its yu hao and dan tou walking under an umbrella to go to far east plaza!! arghh!! i missed their glows again!!

so we went to far east and got wet by the rain. but do u honestly think we care? they went to the 2nd level of far east and into this super new ex shop that used to be 'pretty in tokyo.' i think those clothes are from japan. very diao clothes.. but i cannot afford lah. they shopped there for a while.. and we noticed 2 girls waiting for them as well. we chatted for a while and found out that Nan Quan Ma Ma arrived a day earlier than Jay. *sighs* we missed NQMM's arrival.

they went to an electronics shop next.. oh, and i have to say here, we didn't mob them. we kept a respectable distance away from them so as not to disturb them. i was quite embarrassed by doing this stalking stuff too. then, the funniest thing happened.

there's this condom shop at far east which not many people dares to go in and even look at the display. DAN TOU ACTUALLY LOOKED AT THOSE STUFF ON DISPLAY!! omg!!

yu hao was like, huh? and looked too.. and realised its all those SM stuff and immediately turned around and peeked into the next shop. dan tou was quite engrossed lor. looked at those stuff for quite a while.

quite funny lor. so they continued walking and turned to this corrider. we immediately ran to the part where the corrider ends and waited for them to come out. i was feeling super embarrased by then.. and was squatting down by the pillar. pt and the rest of the gals still looking out for yu hao and dan tou.

then.. they appeared lor.. n i think they finally noticed there's actually this group of fans that's stalking them. dan tou turned and was pretty shocked to c us.. and hahahaha.. pt and the gals immediately turned their heads around. it was so damn bloody obvious lor.. -__-''

they continued shopping n went to comics connection..we just looking at them from a distance. then.. they went to another electronics shop.. i think they wanted to buy digtal cams.. alamak.. far east kill people de.. want to buy go buy somewhere else.

then dan tou received a phone call. and wan leng also called and asked where the hell were we.

we finally saw wan leng.. and started laughing together.. coz all facing each other.. almost forgotten that NQMM just behind us.. -_-''

so we followed them back to the hotel.. wan leng got umbrella.. so we shared.. but the other gals don't have.. and the cutest thing happened.

dan tou nudged yu hao and gave a 'how??' look.. then he covered the other girls with that hyatt umbrella lor.. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! WAN LENG!! Y MUZ U BRING UMBRELLA???

they actually got themselves wet just coz to shield their fans from the rain lor. SO SWEET!!!

dan tou wearing adidas all the way sia... very shuai and cute. yu hao just looked damn cool sia.. with his hip hop clothes.. but a little too small-sized. he was wearing this super striking red shirt that will catch your attention immediately. i got a t-shirt tt exact shade of colour sia..its ecko unlted.

ok.. so reach hyatt le.. pt, wan leng n i immediately ran and pt asked dan tou, 可以拍張照嗎
dan tou sooo kawaii! he said, '可是我現在很醜耶...' while pointing to his hair.. frankly, his hair looked ok to me lah.. its yu hao with his horribly huge glasses that looked like he need some cleaning up.. then dan tou said' 我去準備一下...等下才下來.'

so.. we waited for a while.. but didn't have any hopes though.. coz these artistes quite busy de lah.. after waiting for a while, we realised it's 4.30pm and immediately turned on the radio and managed to catch jay's interview. its really phone interview sia.

he and the DJ 哈拉 for quite a while. then he said they will be going to indoor stadium. so pt, wan leng and i made it a point to go down to the indoor stadium immediately once we saw jay come out.

but alas! he didn't! he took the back door lah. its in fact, NQMM who came out by the front door and there was a bit of the commotion with the fans.

people passing by were asking who the hell were they but i didn't even bother to give a damn about them coz i was too busy looking at NQMM.

so.. we waited for another hour and a half to 2 hours for jay.. (we still didn't know he took the back door) but gave up cause its too late and took an mrt to kallang and then a cab to the indoor stadium. wasted quite a bit of time, i guess.

while waiting, we even asked this uncle lor.. he said he's fetching the dancers de.. and know nothing about jay. basically, we were really desperate.. my legs ached big time from all that standing for goodness knows how many damn freaking hours.

i believed we reached the indoor stadium around 6.30pm. waited for quite a while. quite a few fans were there too. then, around 8 i guess, jay started rehearsing. i went nuts when he sang the first song, which was yi fu zhi ming.

but the rehearsal didn't go too well lah. he sang quite bad in some parts, particularly jie kou when he started singing in this very weird voice that just sounded so damn awful.

initially, we were waiting by the back door to the indoor stadium. we saw the cross that jay will be descending with at the back door sia.. haha. after a while, we went out the stairs.. and oh my!! the sound was so much clearer above!! we were so pathetic sia. we pressed our ears against the doors to hear the sound better, and walked around the stadium and managed to find some holes to peek into. but not very clear lah.

the weird thing is, we didn't scream that badly when we heard jay sang. in fact, we screamed quite badly when NQMM started singing xiang cao ba bu. i tell ya, its the song. this song is sooo cute!! will really make u scream de lor.

so, finally, the rehearsal finished around 11.30pm to 12am. we ran back down to the back door, and managed to catch jay walking out. pt saw him wearing a shocked expression when he saw the fans.

wa lao eh.. the horrible thing is, there was this stupid girl who immediately jutted her camera at jay immediately, with FLASHES. its damn irritating de lor. who would like it man?

ok, so when jay noticed the fans, he immediately hid behind the door. its cute lah, actually, and the bao mu had to pull him to the van. haha.

the worst thing is, in a span of like, 10 seconds. poom! he disappeared. not a single wave. not even a look at the fans. WOW.

i was seriously really pissed. very pissed.

but during MSN, pt said jay's like that de mah. she also said his attitude sucked big time.. but think of the circumstances..

first: he took the morning flight from taipei to singapore. really early.
2nd: his rehearsals didn't go too well.
3rd: didn't have a break at all. he had a press conference in the afternoon at the grand hyatt, and phone interview. and stuffs.
4th: its so freaking late, and i bet he's really, really tired.

frankly, i was so disappointed and angry loh.

but what happened after the next few days repaid his sucky attitude on the first day. really.

what happened the next few days are some of the most amazing days i ever had.

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