Monday, November 01, 2004

list of things to do during this holidays:

1) finish up my manga series (which have been lying on the shelves for about 2 yrs)

2) finish up my anime series (this is not that bad, but i've been downloading like mad recently, thus.. adding more to a already huge 'haven't watched' collection of anime. =_='')

3) get a haircut (geez... even this trivial thing.. i also keep delaying.. what the hell is up with me???!!??)

4) get to far east plaza and finish up my redeemption coupons for the tori bento box. (yum yum.. i have 3.. *cackles*)

5) try my best to get Naruto!!!! (damn it.. not enough anime to watch hah?!?!? ^_^;;)

6) wake up at 10am, prepare, and go to gym with my mother to sign up for that bloody membership thingy. (sounds easy? problem is.. i wake up around 2pm everyday.)

7) burn all those bloody anime on cd-rs (too lazy to do it... even though my hard disk space is being reduced very rapidly. -____________-'')

8) wash my winnie the pooh and mashimaro soft toys (..... this is very hard. considering the mashimaro is bigger than the size of my tv.. which is a 21' inch tv by the way... how to dump it into the washing machine?? but.. mashimaro looks like he just returned from hell.. and winnie the pooh doesn't look like winnie the pooh anymore..looks more like a black mountain bear to me... ;____;)

9) try to find back my sense of humor.. (where has all my sarcasm gone to?? where has my dry sense of humor fly to?? i'm lagging!!~~~)

10) wake up and find that its all a dream that Cisse of Liverpool has broken his leg and will be out for the rest of the season.. which is like.. the next 7 months... who am i kidding?? o.O..

11) solve this bloody firewall problem of mine that keeps showing the farking yellow light on my bittorrent.. and obviously, slowing my downloads drastically. >_<

12) learn jay chou songs.. (super hard task.. considering i've been trying to memorise the damn lyrics for more than 2 yrs now.. this task is just here for dreaming..)

13) go blading with zixuan... (hard task too.. she's always working.. and i need her to teach me how to blade!!!!)

14) win the lottery. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAA~~~

most of them above are just crapping, by the way. the things that i will REALLY accomplish are probably 3 and 4. why? 3.. just sit down and order them.. and no. 4? hello? eating leh? got any problems meh??

Written at 1:31 pm


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