Friday, November 12, 2004

my last post before i set off to malaysia.

i've been listening to jay chou's an jing ever since sly sang it yesterday on singapore idol lor.. wtf. but, i keep to my stand. jay's version is still the best, and will always be the best. mind you, i love sly, but jay chou remains no.1 in my heart. ^_^ yuck.. that sounds mushy and disgusting.

but i have also been listening to sly's version at sly_rocker lah. n it got better the more i listen to it. the first time i heard, it was like, 'not bad.. but a little karaoke for me.' but the more i listened to it, i heard him singing it in his own style lah.. its really not bad loh. only not emotional enough like how jay sang. ;_; i love how sly sang 'wo zai hui pi zhi ji li KAI~~~~~~~' ^_^ this is actually one of his best performances loh. even joe augustin said in the new paper that this is one of the 'show's great performances.' wow. O_O

ok, so one thing i really have to bitch about today is about ang moh sais. mind you, i used to be an ang moh sai too lor.. because i was raised in a english-speaking family until my parents divorced and i moved to stay with my mother and my grandfather (who basically only know how to speak cantonese, chinese and engrish.) i can't possibly communicate engrish with him rite? so, since 10 yrs old, i've been speaking chinese lah.

but, music-wise. i stuck to english songs until jay chou came along. the song that got me mad all over him is actually 'ba wo hui lai le.' from there on, i really started listening to mando music and discovered, its actually not that bad after all. true, there was this boyband craze that got me cringing like mad, and the mando industry's singers sang too many freaking covers that its becoming pointless. however, bands like F.I.R and Shin came popping out, and i cannot deny that they make some great kick-ass music. shin sang a couple of covers though. and singers like JJ and YiDa (our singaporean babies!! ^_^) also came along, and while not having the best of voices, they do make some really nice music. i tried to think of female singers, but can't think of any. don't mention jolin to me. most of her super popular music were written by jay (dao dai, hai dao, jiu shi ai, bu la ge guan chang, shuo ai wo, and one more song which i labelled as the chestnut song when the title is actually something about a knight lah) and while i liked her image in 72 pian, which is far more natural, i dislike this current image of hers IMMENSELY. especially with the dubious increase of her boobs and her 'trying to pose sexy' attempts.

as for yanzi, now, she has a great voice, but her recent songs are not very memorable loh. i still prefer her old songs like 'tian hei hei' and 'feng zhen.' so yah, the mando industry is not hopeless, ok?

and to hell with those ang moh sais = bananas. all they know how to do is embrace all those ang mohs' cultures and look down on our own culture when they themselves are chinese. i do know a couple of people who are chinese who totally treat the mando industry like shit. they keep saying the mando industry is shit shit shit. while i have to admit there are quite a couple of shitheads (read: shitty boybands who are totally talentless. i am not going to name any. acutally, not boybands only. some bands, girlbands and individual singers too) in the mando industry, but please don't generalise hoh. its not as if the english music industry is perfect. i mean, come on loh.. people like me and PT who listen to mando most of the time listen to english stuff all the time too loh. then where do you think i get my hip-hop and rock fix from? geez.

what's worse are those people who automatically assumed whatever made by ang mohs are the best. now, stuff like movies are obviously dominated by hollywood. i mean, come on, LOTR? and as we all know, LOTR is filmed by a super genius Peter Jackson from New Zealand, not America, ok?

hello, but even if you don't embrace the mando industry, try to listen to jpop/jrock lah. jrock is one of the best loh. and jpop has some pretty long-lasting boybands. ^_^

so, to hell with you ang moh sais. bloody assholes. bananas. fuckers. now mind you, for those who don't appreciate such music, its another matter. what i mean are those idiots who DISCRIMATE the mando industry. i mean, some people just don't like chinese music, and that's a matter of their own preference.

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