Wednesday, November 03, 2004

still downloading lots of anime like mad. i'm telling you guys, Bleach rules!

Bleach is adapted from the manga, and many people are saying this new anime is going to be very popular. I totally agree.

Bleach is about a 15 yr old boy, Kurosaki Ichigo, who can see ghosts and talk to them. Think that's weird enough? His sister can see them too. o_O But anyway, his life is going to get weirder when one day, a shinigami by the name of Kuchiki Rukia appears in front of him. Shinigami, directly translated, is a Death God lah.. Basically, a lot hell lot happens, and Ichigo became a shinigami too. Damn, my summary sucks. But, this anime rocks~~!!!

Also, Yakitate!! Japan episode 3 is finally released!! And this episode does not disappoint! xD
I am itching to go out and buy bread again...

Went to taka to shop today. they have some event in b2 which sells a whole hell lot of clothes.. i didn't 'sweep' the clothes lah.. most of them look shitty. only a couple of converse clothes look okay. also went window shopping and noticed OP released another whole new set of tops and bottoms.. especially bottoms. I love those skirts and shorts! *sigh* i am not that rich loh.. especially when i also have lots of manga to buy..

oh yah, i also went playing badminton again with my brothers yesterday. i think we are making it into a weekly affair. its quite fun lah.. and i even went to queensway last week to get my own badminton racket. got a cheap one because i am not a pro player after all.

ping ting, get well soon.. erm.. yah.. so after that, we can play lah.. okay?

Ja ne~

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