Thursday, November 11, 2004

title: my quite suay few days

haven't been blogging lately because i was too darn lazy. ^_^;;

anyway, i have been pretty busy for the past couple of days actually. been going to orchard too many bloody times that i'm getting sick of it.

on tues, i went to orchard with PT and ZX. we went to heeren and far east. PT went ballistic when she saw the Jay Chou "Qi Li Xiang" HK edition because of the jersey. surprisingly, i didn't go nuts over it. maybe its because i have never seen the jersey before while she had seen it on auctions.

i also went to find short beach shorts for my trip of bali.. because of surfing mah. i can't think of anything else to wear except those short shorts. ^_^ so, we went to 37 degrees, and i really cannot stand their designs.

then, we went to flash and splash, and i went crazy over the roxy designs. BUT! THE PRICE!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so damn freaking expensive loh... but i'm absolutely in love with roxy's designs sia.. too bad they don't have billabong. billabong is one of my favourite brands too.

also found a grey skirt from surfbabe that i like. $49. didn't buy it coz xia bu liao shou.

then, after that, we went to far east lah. when we walked past sheer romance, i noticed deborah and diana inside. so went in to say hello. then discovered that mandy, shun wei, shi jin and wan ting also inside!! O_o

then one of the salesgirls also from MJR. i think it became a MJR outing sia. with some NP mates of mine in too. haha. singapore is so damn freaking small that everywhere you go, you will find someone you know. *sighs*

i also saw a gothic lolita-looking skirt that's damn expensive lor. i went nuts over it. but it costs $70. come on lor, i rather buy my roxy shorts as it is more practical. but, we found another gothic-ish skirt that also looked quite punk, and it is around $50, i think. PT and ZX bought it for me as b-day prezzie (finally!!)

I LOVE U GUYS!!! ^__^

one day, i will buy my roxy/billabong/ripcurl/surfbabe shorts and skirts. what to do? i'm pretty much a beach gal.

oh, and something damn fucked up happened. the tori q yakitori shop already closed down in level one. WTF?????????????????? then what about those 3 redeemption coupons i have right now? WTF WTF WTF?!??!?!

on wed, i went with chin teck to KKnM at Sunshine Plaza. those anime merchandise so cute!! those naruto designs are all chibi de lor.. so kawaii. i will definitely be going back one day.

for today, its so damn fucked up loh. when i was about to go out, it started raining like siao. my entire converse pants were so damn wet that i was on the verge of losing my temper.

luckily, the S&K pants that i bought were still in my bag. there! the advantages of laziness!

so, i went to change it lah. and my temper calmed down a little. -_-'' PT and I spent most of the time in far east and we bought a couple of stuff. oh yah, we went to eat the XXL chicken and mee sua from shihlin snacks. i actually went to shihlin in taiwan before loh.. all i can remember is how smelly the tofu were. actually, i went to shihlin to shop, so i didn't went to try the snacks. i definitely regret it big-time now.

the mee sua, while nice, is loaded full of MSG. we were so darn thirsty after that. >_<#

oh, and i mistaken a woman for a manniquen. -___________-''

the reason being: she was dressed entirely in white. even her tudong is white. i was shocked to find this 'manniquen' moving and crashed into PT to run away from the manniquen. my goodness...

the thing that pissed the hell outta me is that when we got to orchard, it fucking stopped raining.

oh yah, the radio is also damn bloody idiotic. it reported that singapore idol starts at 8pm. so i actually walked back home from the restaurant(it was about 8 mins from my house) i was eating at with my mother to record it lor. only to return home at 8.20pm and realised channel 5 is playing a bug's life. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! hai wo bai zhou yi chang.

sylvester rocks. he also likes jrock! *screams* and he sang jay chou today!!!~~~ *screams again* ok, it wasn't as good as jay, and no, his pronounciation is not better than jay too, mr ken lim. jay's singing is an jing is one of his better pronounciations, ok? its his first album that is super duper 'mumble all the way through' singing. for 'fantasy', while some songs still mumble mumble, but An Jing is NOT MUMBLE!! its true 'really sing your heart out' singing. get your facts right before saying anything, buddy.

sylvester looks very buay song when he sang an jing lah, but he always look buay song anyway. that's why girls go crazy over him when he smiled just a teeny-weeny bit. ok, so while his rendition of 'an jing' is not the very very best, i still got touched anyway when i heard all the violins and stuff in the background.

jay chou simply rules.

and i just found out that daphne is actually the daughter of the boss of goodwood park hotel. no wonder she is still in the competition. i am sorry but to say, i don't like daphne's whiny voice. and her chinese so damn ang-moh-ish lor. i cringed when i heard her sing 'ni yao de ai.'

taufik also very nice. i got pretty touched when he sang the first song even though i didn't get a shit of what he was singing about. this guy can go far, u know? but his fanbase not as big lah.. so sayang.

anyway, doom's day tomorrow. my results will be released. *sighs* bloody hell...

i realised i quite suay these few days lor. first, those stupid tori q coupons. then, the bloody rain. after that, the stupid radio who said singapore idol starts at 8pm. WTF?

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