Tuesday, November 09, 2004

too many people have been bitching about their loss of testimonals. i mean, these people thought they bitch bitch bitch, the testimonals will come back?!?!

come on loh, not only that won't happen, but the message board is also full of spam which is very irritating, to say the least. those dumb forward messages are so obviously not true, because while friendster can be dumb sometimes, they r not completely retarded to do that.

n frankly speaking, i didn't even know about the 'disappearance of testimonials' issue until PT told me.. that shows HOW updated i am.. u_u;

for today, i went swimming again in toa payoh, with 20 strokes of breaststroke. then went to the salon to wait for PT. i actually waited for 1.5 hrs, STANDING!! *omg* when did i find the patience?

she dyed her hair until like sun xie zhi from 5566, which is amazing actually, considering she viewed them as dirt. her new dye colour quite hiong actually, and makes her look very whitish-looking. its nice lah.. too bad i can't do it.

coz believe me, if i do something funny to me hair again, they will fall off. so the only thing i can do now is to wait for my hair to grow, which is probably gonna take millenniums for it. *sighs* this suck big time. i wan my pink hair, ok?

talking about 5566, look at this: omg.

the funniest part of the picture? meng ze's 'nose stud.' i didn't even know it was a nose stud until PT told me. Yes, PT. she was pretty -___-'' about this picture. and i hafta admit, its lame to the core.

we went to orchard to shop around a little, and S&K having 50% off. we bought a pair of pants each. quite comfortable. except for me rite, the hip area for the pants is quite right, but the waist area too big for me. wat to do? i have a fat ass. this is damn crap lor. i am going to blame S&K's cutting for this. *smirks* i have no problems with giordano's cutting, ok?!?!?!

also went to KINO. my second home, if u had read my friendster's profile. bought some manga, then realised chuang yi's publications still as sucky as ever as they cut away parts of the drawings in the manga. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wasted my $4.80 loh. i am quite fussy about manga lah.

ok, so i think that's it. oh yah, the temptation to buy OP's skort and short is getting bigger. Hello? I AM BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!

currently downloading: naruto episodes 11-20
currently listening: some dumb korean show in the tv in the background.

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