Thursday, December 02, 2004

'my jay!!' third day, 27th NOV 2004:

3rd day was even better, peeps!! first of all, i arrived around 3pm to wait for him outside the back door once more.

pt haven't arrived yet.

and OMG!! I SAW JAY WENT IN!! there were only a few of us waiting outside lor.. we immediately said, 'hi! jie lun!' and he waved back!! ONCE MORE!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!

and around 3 mins later, pt arrived. she happened to miss both days of jay going inside the indoor stadium. -_-''

we talked with two japanese fans and wow, they are to di tie lor. they made such nice signboards!!! yes, there were communication problems.. but main thing is, JAY IS OUR FAVOURITE!! that's the most important thing. i said their boards are very kakoii (cool) and they were very pleased to hear that. ^_^

haha.. so we watched them pray again and stuff.. and amazingly, pt forgot to bring the tickets. WOW.

she was so freaked out. i wasn't actually. coz luckily, she discovered quite early, and hence, there's actually time to get those tickets from her house lor. she got wan leng to get it for her.
-_-'' haha.

then, we saw JJ!! he went in the back door too.

wan leng also bought the jersey.. then 3 of us wore the jersey together! this time, our seats, A34, row 7. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE FACING JAY.

we arrived quite early again..haha.. and kept talking and getting ourselves higher and higher. oh yah, we saw ju pao walking around like nobody's business again. actually, its because he's part of the production crew for the concert. so we called him 'JU PAOOO!!' and waved at him. he waved back!! and smiled! ahhh!! should have asked him for autograph too! coz that was really the best chance man. yang zong jian (J.R Yang.. the director for Alfa Music) also walked past. we called him too, and i think he was shocked to realise that fans could actually recognise him. haha. he just gave a tiny wave and quickly walked away. ^_^

muahhahahahha~ once again, so many god damn freaking couples around us. BUT u know what?? behind us, are hong kong fans. one of them is this girl who appeared in the newpaper lor. their signboards qutie nice too.. each holding J, A, Y.. and its lit up lor. so we were on tv quite a number of times, coz pt was below J, wan leng A, then me Y. hahaha.

and heng heng, her brother also facing jay!! he managed to find us.. pt saw him.. he's sitting in the terrace.. i still can't see him lah.. -_-''

the atmosphere's 100000000000000000000000000000000 times better than the day before!! and its amazing!! coz many reporters reported the first concert's atmosphere's the best they had ever attended lor. OMG! u guys should have gone to the second night too!! IT WAS REALLY AMAZING!!!

we saw taufik and sylvester too. they were in A33. the section next to us. but u know what, i don't care. haha. my hopes were high when fans screamed when the black connecter showed. then when the lights went out, my goodness! the screams were even louder!! the glowstickes were MUCH MORE!!

so, he descended on the cross once more! THE BEST THING OF ALL!! all the fans behind us stood once the 1st song started. omg!! *tears welled up* i was soooo relieved!! and stood up immediately!!

its definite that 27th's concert was even better. the atmosphere was so much better. the guy behind me knew how to sing all of jay's songs loh!! so many die-hard fans around!! coz 27th is actually the first date... 26th was added after a few days. by that time, all of the die-hard fans already purchased the 27th le.. only pt and i digged out our savings for 2 concerts lor.

WOW WOW WOW. 27th was my best night ever in my entire life. wan leng was so damn cute!! she kept screaming and screaming that he's so cute at times where people were not screaming and were nuts enough to do all those crazy stuff with us!! she kept screaming 'he sooo shuai!!' at times when everybody were singing.. *laughs* kawaii girl!

but this time, ushers were stricter. even when jay's on our side, still don't let us go down lor. wtf.
i think they know that the fans more hiong this time.

the major difference was, jay's more lively. he was chatting more. he even jumped on the speakers at the four corners and made everybody screamed so god damn loud.. coz he was soooo near to us!! all my pictures turned out crap... SAYANG LOR!! coz if really nice.. can sell de lor!! haha.. i mean, its good enough to sell.. coz its very close.

on the first night, he asked questions like 'ni men da ke shui le ma?' and when we screamed NO.. he replied 'zhen de mah?' so cute lor!! lame.. but kawaiiiii!!

second nite, he said stuff like, 'xing jia po de ge mi hai shi gen liang yan qian yi yang re qing.' (singapore's fans still as enthu as 2 yrs ago) and stuff like that lah.

the cutest thing was, when jay asked yu hao what songs of jay he know how to play.. yu hao replied 'wo bu tai shou ye..' so cute!! jay's reaction sooo cute lor!! he said cannot say that.. must say.. 'she me tou hui!'

then ju pao went out of tune in some part when singing with jay.. then jay's pointed to him and his reaction so cute lor! its like, 'huh?' good-heartedly.

for this 2nd night, when ju pao and gary playing the guitars, jay said ju pao got that kinda look that singaporean girls love n blah blah.. -_-''.. and he asked ju pao to say something bout this comment, and ju pao said he's still not married. -___-'' ju pao is super cute.. haha.. u can tell he's very hesitant in saying it.. but bo pian. ^_^

once again, jay hit all the high notes.. but his lyrics more jumbled up than the first night.

its actually better. coz this shows that he himself super damn high.. and ji dong.. my mother also said that lor.. pt also said that lor.. first nite.. he can totally concentrate on his performances.. 2nd nite.. i think the atmosphere really got him touched. ^_^

landy also.. too reserved on the 1st nite.. even with the underwear thingy.. this time, she danced even more hiong.. and even let the male dancer crawl under her... -_-'' very scary..

THEN OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the encore was even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody really screamed 'jie lun jie lun...' the first time.. then he sang kai bu liao kou and qi li xiang.

2nd encore.. everybody encored 'zhou jie lun! zhou jie lun!' to the beats of the drummer and the beats got even faster.

OMG OMG OMG. i will never never never never ever forget the 2nd encore. or 3rd encore if u prefer (pt)... haha. becoz the 1st nite.. its ye ye pao de cha and dong feng po as 1st encore.. for this 2nd nite.. he actually said 'this is the last song' for ye ye pao de cha. doesn't matter lah. main thing is: he gave us a wonderful last performance. an AMAZING performance that is pure brilliance.


oh my fucking jay-ness. oh my jay.

YU HAO and DAN TOU facing us again!! and omg! this time, when i screamed to yu hao.. he saw me, waved at me, and smiled at me!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much different from the 1st night!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH! wan leng also kena dian4 by yu hao..coz she did the 'i love u' hand sign to him..and he blushed!!

then, i immediately went to dan tou.. (pt was already there) and both of us screamed to dan tou. we screamed till we were hoarse.. then finally he noticed us!! he pointed at us!!!!! and gave a super cute look! as if he recognised us!! ARGHHH!!!

then omg.. i finally noticed the drummer. i was like, WHO IS THAT??? OMG!! ITS JAY!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! IT'S JAY PLAYING THE GOD-DAMN FUCKING DRUMS!!

play flute not enough hah?? play piano not enough?? play cello not enough?? guitar not enough???.. STILL MUST PLAY THE DRUMS????????????

n mind you, its not simple beats lor. its complicted and fast beats! I WENT NUTS!! I RAN TO WAN LENG IMMEDIATELY and screamed, 'JIE LUN ZAI DA DU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

we screamed and screamed!! jay had the typical drummer look.. super serious n concentrated.. and one word: DIAO!!! wait.. 2nd word too: SHUAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he was so damn high that he actually stood up and played the drums!! looked quite ugly, actually.. but this shows he's very high!! actually, i felt its coz he wanted people to notice him.. haha. dan tou also jumped up to the platform jay's on and pointed to jay.. and caused more screams. landy sang together with NQMM.

it's one whole big ALFA performance. after the performance, he threw the drumsticks to different directions. wonder who the drumsticks hit? ^_^

AHH!! i almost cried! i really almost cried!!

he's soooo talented!! i can't believe it!!

oh yah, first night.. he played one jacky cheung's song entirely in flute.. and said he felt its quite depressing.. i totally agreed. i almost cried after he played that song. second night, he didn't. instead, he played the percussion to BAI SE LIE HEN! i almost cried too!! he also waved more in the second night.. indicating the fans to wave along to the songs too.. and we saw the dancers carring video cams and everything and pointing towards us.. hahaha.


then after that, we tried to book a cab with another person.. to chase jay.. inside info.. that he's going to this place for his qing gong yan.

heng enough! we managed to call a taxi driver who's damn nice lor!! really very very nice guy!! he chased jay for us lor!! this guy can qualify as a maxi cab driver.. seriously! he even zhuang red light.. coz no camera.. haha.. i will not reveal his name..

so..we saw jay at the restaurant with NQMM and everybody else!! ARGHHH!! dan tou even waved to us!!

they jin4 jiu3 to many people.. and when they came out... jay waved again.. not to us lah.. haha.. me and that girl immediately ran to NQMM's dan tou and yu hao.. she asked for yu hao's signature.. his stupid bao mu said cannot de lor.. but he said never mind n signed it for her.. USING MY MARKER!! OMG! i will keep that marker forever!!

then i said hi to dan tou.. and pointed at yu hao's cap and said to yu hao i had a similiar one.. except its red.. haha.. his cap was pink de.. haha.

pt regretted it a lot.. cause she didn't talked to dan tou.. i regretted a lot.. coz i forgot all about jay and only cared about dan tou and yu hao.. *shamed*

talking bout jay, he was actually, walking pretty slowly and stuff, till this stupid girl went to molest him. then, this amarni exchange woman (our nickname for his assistant, coz she was wearing AX shirt, probably fake) kept pleading, "qing bu yao zhe yang! qing bu yao zhe yang!" so damn bloody funny lor.. usually such people will scream for the fans to fuck off.. but she was begging in this really pathetic voice.. haha.

so.. the uncle chased for us till they went back to hyatt.. back door.. we waited around hyatt for a while.. only saw many dancers taking cabs to go clubbing.. haha.. and saw one super cute dancer lor.. wrapped his head in a towel.. pt said he got that 'glow.' haha.

but after a while, we gave up. got home and prepared to go to airport immediately after that. yes, skipping a night of sleeping.

but what happened on the 4th day.. OMG. THE BEST!! ARGHH!! I WENT 'SHOPPING' WITH JAY AND JJ!!!

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