Friday, December 03, 2004

'my jay!!' 4th and 5th day, 28th and 29th NOV 2004:

let me comment about 5th day first. jay left on the morning flight. pt and i didn't get to catch him. yes, we were a little disappointed, but frankly, if we saw him.. leaving.. i might really break down into tears.. and what happened on the fourth day already left me very contended.

4th day was tiring. really tiring. cause after their qing gong yan on the 3rd day, it was like 1-2 am le. we waited at the hyatt till around 3.30am.. then gave up.

then arrived at the airport at 6.30pm. waited like mad. then received info that jay will only be leaving on the next day. CHIONG HAH!! we immediately chiong down to orchard.. and waited at hyatt till 5pm..

then pt received the best news ever!! some kind soul told her jay at heeren at that very fucking moment!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! WE RAN ALL THE WAY DOWN FROM HYATT TO HEEREN!!

really ran! and chiong up the escalators.. knocking into quite a few people.. i still remember.. that girl we were following jay with knocked into this girl.. this girl was like, FUCK! then i knocked into her.. she was like FUCK! again.. then whether PT knocked to her or not.. i dunno..haha.

but, when we finally saw jay at the sunglasses shop in annex, wearing a green shirt and black cap.. immediately, i was like, ALL THOSE WAIT WAS WORTH IT. ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT.

JAY HAS THE GLOW! I FINALLY NOTICED THE GLOW!! so glaring!! that i didn't noticed JJ till someone pointed it out!! hahahaahaha!

the glow!! jay has the glow!! omg!! BIG-TIME GLOW!!

then when jay came out of the sunglasses shop, the most incredible thing happened! he turned and looked at us! I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE IT.why the hell is he even looking at us?????!!?? it's as if he recognised us!! so, we immediately said 'hi! jie lun!' and he waved back to us!! US ONLY!!!!!! FINALLY, US ONLY!! hahahahaha!! he basically "ignored" the other fans! aiya.. its because they didn't HI! to him lah.. this type.. fans must take the initiative de. anyway, from pt's account, she was too damn bloody STUNNED and STONED to do anything.. she only waved once we waved. haha.

apparently, i 'ARH! JIE LUN' when he turned to look at us. seriously, i can't remember. pt told me tt. i was shocked to hear that. i was like, i ARH!??? i can only remembering saying the 'jie lun' part. but mind you, its not screaming. i think its more of a natural reaction.. that ARH! part which only people close to me can hear.

then i was following jay.. then suddenly.. i turned to my left and was shocked to see JJ beside me!!

some fan was shaking his hand.. so i juz stick my hand out too! and he shook it! haha.. then i asked him how's yesterday's concert. he smiled and gave a thumbs-up. i replied, 'chao diao de!'

then immediately, my attention back to jay. haha. nothing can beat my jay.

its scary lah. we were really mobbing jay sia. so many people were following him. some girls were screaming and pt and i shhhhh! to them. coz jay doesn't like it lah. i mean, its already irritating when so many following you when you shopping, must the fans scream too? i already felt quite guilty lor.. so i will not scream.. neither i will let the fans scream too. even the new paper reported, 'though many people, but the crowd was generally well-controlled as die-hard fans of jay knows he doesn't like..' i can't remember lah.. but its basically about screaming and stuffs.

then the girl we were following jay with.. let's call her the bitch. i said i want to tell jay about how even more great his 27th concert was than the 26th one. its true lah... and he himself said he wanted each concert to be better than the last. this stupid bitch snapped back at me and said, don't say anything about the concert lah! i was like, why? then PT saw jay responded and darted his eyes towards us.. he must be also wondering why. haha.

but i heck care her sia. pt too. pt said 'jie lun! ni de yan chang hui chao bang!' he smiled!! he smiled!! DIMPLES AND ALL!!! DIMPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i said what i wanted to say lah.. but i think he didn't respond. *sighs* never mind.

jay visited quite a number of shops, actually. he visited a few in Annex. he was particularly interested in an antique radio.. and PT and I were laughing coz we knew he's gonna be interested in that.

but i think its not for sale sia..

anyway, that is one of the best parts man. coz when he was looking at the radio, i was just right behind him. maybe only a 20-30cm distance. basically, if i reach out my hand, i can touch him lah. but of coz i didn't, coz that's disrespectful mah. but omg.. he was just right RIGHT RIGHT in front of me.. i couldn't believe it..

that was the closest we got to jay lor. i think, only like 30 cm away from him! seriously! i couldn't believe my eyes. omg.. someone pls pinch me so i will know that was true. JAY WAS JUST RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

n i also remember that he took a cap and put it on a girl next to him. his assistant de lah. pt was dead jealous. haha. but then, we started speculating. IS IT A GUY OR GIRL???? first, he/she's is super duper skinny and short, and totally flat at the chest. short hair too. the legs like 2 chopsticks sia. we were like, ahhh! so cute!! BUT GIRL OR GUY?? my goodness!! this is freaky. i think he/she's a guy, or a butch. seriously lor.. wearing super baggy t-shirt, and also very baggy 3/4 pants. (very hiphop looking) and a damn huge backpack. i seriously have no idea whether its a he or she.

after that, jay took escalator to 3rd level.. and the security guard only let us take once a distance is achieved. we ran the other side sia. coz heeren is in circle de mah. so we ran the opposite direction and face-to-face with him. haha.

then he spent the longest time in power tools, a shop in the 3rd level i think. he was interested in a shirt, and tried it on in the fitting room. he liked it so much that he didn't even bother to change back into his green shirt. the girls screamed once more. again, we shhhh!

then he visited red liquid, a ah beng shop lor. coz they sell some really scary looking leather jackets. haha. we know he's gonna be in red liquid. coz we asked security and he said yes. haha. so we booked place liao. someone called him.. and i think his phone model's X700.. wa lao.. damn chio lor. its still not released in singapore, i think. but the keypad's blue, from what i saw in the pictures at the official website. jay's hp's keypad is blue.

oh, wan leng arrived when he was in power tools. he spent such a looong time in power tools sia. damn shiok loh.. just pick pick pick whatever he likes.. then his assistant took care of the rest.

one super funny thing happened.. dick(jay's hairstylist) accidently knocked against wan leng.. and wan leng didn't know who's dick.. she said, ''aiya!! what u doin!!!??' to dick! OMG!! THE HORROR!! WAN LENG!!!! PT and I were totally
-_______________________-'' WAN LENG AHHHHH!!!!! my goodness!!

after that, he took staircase to 2nd level. i chiong down the escalator sia. he actually went to FLASH n SPLASH!! arghh! a shop i always visit!! then he spent a hell lot of a time at energie. wa lao.. by that time.. a lot of people liao lor. we assumed he would leave immediately, and went out the side door exit.. believing he would exit there. we even chatted with the indian security over there and he told us to keep on a lookout not to let anybody enter the door to the carpark lor. haha.

HE REALLY WENT OUT! i went nuts!! coz security blocked all the people surrounding him.. so when he went out.. ONLY WE WERE THERE! we said 'bye bye, jie lun!' and he waved back!!! hahahaahahaha!! omg!! 2 waves in a day!! TO US ONLY!!!

i felt sooooo happy.

we ran immediately to the entrance of the carpark.. waited for a while... then he came walking out!! wa lao eh!! some girls asked him to sign lor.. he actually took the poster.. wanted to sign de... but fucker.. those fucker bodyguards pulled him away lor.. he wanted to sign de lor!!!!!!! if those bodyguards gave us a chance.. i would have gotten an autograph by now!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

fuck lor. nvm. i already felt contended with that whole heeren thing.

so yah.. 5th day.. didn't manage to send him off. but seriously, if its the 8am flight. i also will not be able to make it. i was so damn tired.. cannot miss sleep for 2 nights de lor. i didn't eat, didn't sleep, didn't drink.. so tiring, u know?

while a little disappointed, but i know, i will break down if i see him leave singapore. and what happened at heeren was the best ever.

oh my jay. my jay!!!

i will miss you!! liang nian hou jian!! he said during his concert, 'hou nian zai jian..' HOU NIAN!! arhhh!! but only this way, he can give a good concert. seriously. let's hope he will come to singapore for some events nxt yr lor.. hopefully, a AUTOGRAPH event. haha.


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