Tuesday, December 28, 2004

didn't go to school today. *sighs* i coughed so much during the night that when i was woken up by the maid in the morning, i looked like a complete wreck. i basically looked like shit, felt like shit and just wanna go back to sleep immediately.

damn the flu.

my mother saw how shitty i looked and told me to go back to sleep and not go to school liao. ^_^ i did went to the doctor after that and managed to get a MC and a hella medicine.

orchard is STILL full of people. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.

what are these people walking here and there for?? *screams in frustration* the traffic jam was so bad that i got stuck in the bus at scotts road for 20 bloody minutes. in case u guys are wondering, all u need are 5 mins to travel via scotts road.

so, i went to kino (again for the umpteen time. mind you, its definitely becoming my 2nd home) to purchase some manga. their promotion sale is gonna be over soon. gotta sweep what i want. *being kiasu*

it was a monday, and the queue was as long as it was on christmas' eve. this stupid asshole was waiting for the cashier (2nd on the row) to gao dim some stuff, then he got fed up of waiting, and snatched MY SPOT (which is the 1st cashier on the row) . NICE, MISTER.

so, i just walked to the 2nd cashier and she settled whatever she was doing in another 10 seconds.


but frankly, there are more important things to get ur emotions raging right now than some dumb idiot who snatched my spot.

in other words, the tsunamis.

three words: Oh. My. Goodness.

while singaporeans may suck sometimes, or basically exploding with the amount of people at orchard road, we can't deny the fact that we are situated in a very safe location geographically.

for that, i am thankful.

but while watching the tsunamis destroying everything in their path at CNN/CNA, i felt pained.

yes, i do feel for them, even though i potrayed myself to outsiders as a cold-hearted witch at times.

so yes, I DO FEEL FOR THEM, people.

come on man, while the tsunamis can be beautiful, problem is, they are destructive.

bloody hell, the death toll's rising by the hour. and i have been to phuket before. n yes, patong beach too. and now? its entirely destroyed. bodies are washing up ashore. that's the scary part.

imagine urself looking at the beach and feeling sad for the victims, and all of a sudden, u noticed bodies washing ashore by the hundreds. its freaky.

phuket will never, ever be the same again. *sighs* in fact, asia will never be the same again. a magnitude of 9.0!! OMG!!~

so, though sick, i stuck myself to the tv all day watching cnn in horror of more new footage of the tsunamis flooding the places and basically, destroying everything.

*sighs* life sux.

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