Saturday, December 25, 2004

first of all, merry xmas everybody! orchard is full of people this yr, chiong-ing around like ants to do their last-min shopping. i looked around for quite a while before finding a log cake for the family. :)

anyway, i'm sick. tt reali sucks to the core. why the hell had i done wrong to get sick on a CHRISTMAS DAY????!?? currently, i look crap, feel crap and basically coughing like mad.

went to kino yesterday with a friend of mine, and i almost died trying to squeeze through the crowd from wisma to taka. the people jam was so bad that it got STUCK. i mean, if it moved, it wldn't be that bad. but IT GOT STUCK. people just stopped moving. my goodness. and SK jewellery, SnK and where-ever else was brimmed to the full of people. i bought some track pants from fox(now selling $9 each without the need to purchase the jacket) for zx, and this lady in front of me bought around $350 worth of clothes. last min shopping. *sighs*

even famous amos had a queue. wa lan eh.

so, i managed to get to kino, and was totally pissed, but relieved i finally reached there. only to find out kino was not spared either. the manga section looked like it's bout to explode with the amount of ppl browsing, and the queue kinda reminded me of the queue for buying 4-D.

so, we spent quite a while at kino, then escape from orchard road around 5.30pm to go to toa payoh to catch kung fu hustle at 7pm. before that, we walked around lor.. erm.. went to tian di, and other places lah. toa payoh wasn't that bad.

kung fu hustle was real damn funny. i laughed like mad. *grins* hahaha. stephen chow rocks man. yes, its slap-stick humor. yes, its kua zhang. yes, it can be pretty lame. but he makes asian proud of his comedies coz they ROCK. and the cheography was pretty cool too. ^_^

after the movie, which is around 8.30-9pm bah.. we continued to walk around. my friend was looking for a shaver and kept complaining too ex lah.. haha.. NS people.. got limited allowance de.

while tpy wasn't that bad, it was not exactly spared either. we were momentarily stunned when we saw rubbish around a dustin.. basically, the dustbin was so damn full that people just threw trash around it, and try not the violate the 'no littering' law. *rolls eyes*

so.. i went back home.. opened my presents. got 2 pendents.. one from dunno where.. and the other from LEE HWA jewellery. XD

i'm wearing it now.. and i love it! omg. the diamond/gem bug had already hit me.


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