Monday, December 20, 2004

wow. haven't been blogging in eons.

but frankly, anything that happened after the whole 'my jay!!' thingy is classified as REAL DEAD BORING to me.

1stly, school starts in dec. what the crap is that???!?!?! i'm sorry, but even after 2 weeks back to school, i am still in a big-time holiday mood. got so many bloody football matches to watch (christmas week), and a whole hella 'christmas' releases too. in other words, the ROTK EXTENDED EDITION DVD.

IT'S FINALLY HERE. i chose to get the collector's edition giftset this time, coz of the LOTR symphony (i love their music) and the minas tirith set. but i didn't get it immediately though.

reason? it was stated to be released on the 14th of dec. kino sold out ALL of the collector's set BEFORE the 14th, which is damn bloody f up. why kino? reason being... i happened to borrow the kino card from my cousin... and that equals to 20% discount.

$150 x 20% = $30.

30 bucks, people. i can buy a hellva things with tt amt of money. 5-6 manga books/ 3 giordano 'ME' tees/my MILK sweater(with a couple more bucks)/mickey mouse tees/2 sessions of Kbox/whatever else.

kino not restocking.*2nd blow* and the worst thing? the last set happened to be snatched up right under my nose. i saw tt guy holding that last set, and checking the condition of it.

wow. i must have done something wrong to piss Lady Luck.

so, i got my set at HMV, which is stacked full of them, btw. so, here i am at home, ripping the plastic shrink wrap off the box, and realised something, I DON'T DARE TO WATCH IT.

i looked at the dvd, and was like, this is IT. THE END OF ALL THINGS. i know, once i finished it, i will definitely, absolutely cry buckets.

i don't bear to watch it at all. seriously, people. i have no idea what to do. so, right now, it is safely stacked away in some corner of my room, and goodness knows when i will finally watch it.
i finally got an ipod. if u guys read the newspaper, there was this ad of funan selling the Ipod for 50 bucks if u manage to spend 800 bucks at the mall. well, of course, we didn't purposely go and buy a whole bunch of crap just to get the ipod. we are NOT that desperate. erm.. maybe we are.

but anyway, we need a laptop in the first place. someone was conned by this idiot of his laptop. yes, they will most probably go to court, and no, i really don't give a damn about what's going on.

so, might as well get the laptop, and exchange for the ipod. so, early at the morning (desperate part comes in here) at 7.30am, my brother queued up. around 8.30am, i arrived. did i mention the sales will only start at 1pm? *doesn't bother to calculate the hrs*

well, it wasn't that bad. after all, i waited over 10 hours for jay before. hence, i know i will feel damn shiok if i manage to get what i wanted. determination is always the key to success. why am i getting all philosophiscal here??!!??

so, we managed to get it. its a 15 GB ipod, n yes, old model. but i don't care. only $50 for it, that's the real kick. ^_^

however, i almost vomitted blood when i tried to transfer all the songs i wanted. mainly because of the ports problem. managed to find a way le, but i was so damn fed-up. *breathes in and out* all i hafta think is, 5 jay albums on the road!!!!!~~~

otherwise, nothing much happened. just been visiting Kino recently (my 2nd home) to sweep whatever i want. yes, i'm a bookworm and not afraid to admit it. those who say books suck should really look at themselves. *echoes wan leng's thoughts* u rock, girl!

and orchard has been full of people recently that it is so damn bloody irritating. i want to buy my stuff, and these people walk here walk there for dunno what reason.

its gonna get worse this week when everybody's doing their last minute shopping. wow, that WUN HELP. i need to get to orchard in order to go home!!

also, there are so many bloody xmas sales right now. FOX, ISETAN, S & K, and dunno what else. oh yah, SK Jewellery, even Lee Hwa. wa lao eh. i saw the phamplet for SK today and i can get a gem pendent for a mere 49 bucks. my goodness. problem is, i'm currently very broke.

S&K too. selling accessories at 50% off. but the no.1 thing on my xmas wishlist? FOX clothes. i wan to get those track pants and sports jacket. purchase a jacket ($33) and u can get a pair of sports pants for $9. worse thing still? they have LOTS to choose from.

I WANT MY FOX. #>_< guess i need to get a job soon. *sighs* life still sux as ever. *puts hand on chest n act surprised*

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