Thursday, December 23, 2004

this is absolutely wonderful. the 'incomparable to jay world tour 2004' is delayed. DELAYED. firstly, it was supposed to be released on 14th dec, but was further pushed back to 21st dec, which is fine by me. because we knew the news before the 14th. however, for this 21st dec crap, nobody knew it lor. i ended up asking around the various CD shops on the 21st and 22nd (HMV, Sembawang...) and they told me it will only be released next yr, jan/feb 2005.

brilliant, absolutely brilliant. its obvious that the reason its delayed is cause of this bloody cold-war between Alfa and Sony right now. aiyo, sony, just f off lah. don't create unnecessary problems for everybody leh.

jay had some great concerts in the US, and some bloody americans were complaining about everything they can. NQMM and how useless and retarded they are, how jay didn't say proper goodbyes after the encores, how he didn't sign autographs for them and other crap like that.

damn it, only ppl like them will complain about useless shit like this. 1stly, NQMM is not useless and retarded. they wrote 9 out of 10 songs themselves.. the 10th song is written by jay himself anyway, and they sure can sing.

2ndly, its a bloody encore. he already said his goodbyes before that. an encore = sing one more for the FANS' sake, and off he goes. i can't bloody believe it, they can pick on anything from not saying PROPER goodbyes during encores to whatever else.

3rdly, in case u guys didn't know, jay didn't even LOOKED at us on the 1st night in singapore. we didn't even expect an autograph, just an acknowledgement. don't be so damn selfish.

n don't bother about saying how close singapore is to taiwan and blah blah. jay comes to singapore only for his concerts (same as US, either once a yr or once every 2 yrs) and doesn't even hold a single autograph session here (he held one in LA after his concert this yr, assholes.) now, who loses out more here??

not that i'm bitching that about jay this or that, but i'm bitching at how conceited those fans in US can be. basically, don't bloody blame jay for being proud or whatever, he doesn't have all the time in the world to sign autographs for all the fans, ok? even though me myself wld love 2 have his autograph, i know it can't be done IMMEDIATELY. its not like, the moment he stepped down in the country, i can definitely get it from him. i chased him around in singapore for 4-5 days, forsaking my sleep and meals, and spending a bomb on cab fares and a whole hella time, and i am already damn happy coz he WAVED at me. mind you, not an autograph at all. and he didn't even looked at us on the first nite when we waited over 10 hours for him. so, want an autograph? go to taiwan for his OFFICIAL autograph session then, and quit bitching.

and pt, if u r reading this, welcome back from HK! i hope u had fun!

life still per normal. sch, eat, sleep. orchard is full of people chiong-ing around like ants now to do last min shopping that i got damn fed up and just go straight home without even heading to kino.

and jay not only is the best-selling artiste in taiwan in 2004, he won by a MILE. also, he earned the most in 2004 too, which is 300 million NT, around 15+ sing dollars. this guy is filthy rich. no wonder he shops like mad. ^_^ i also know i will shop like mad if i haf tt kinda money. but this guy slogged his brains out. in fact, when i heard he's gonna take a holiday in NYC, i was darned happy for him. he needs a break BIG-TIME. he's skinny as a monkey now and looks tired. ;_;

so meanwhile, to anybody who's reading this (which i doubt), a very happy merry christmas and have fun!~

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