Sunday, December 26, 2004

still feeling crap as ever, but i got watch the charity show anyway.

now, sly's version of an jing this time isn't too good. its a SAD song.. bt the guitar strummings totally spoilt it.

n i was pleasantly surprised when taufik sang an jing!! AHHH!! n he sang it brilliantly too!! without any background music, totally acapella!! WOW, U ROCK, DUDE!!

i am so in love with taufik rite now. (see? its THAT easy to win me over. ^_^)

but then, the suckiest thing happened. now, while taufik's singing was brilliant, his pronounciation still can improve. its not bad, in fact, i was SHOCKED when he sang the first line.


second: his pronounciation was like, WOW!! totally right on track!

but then, it deteoriated a little as he kept on singing. but come on, he's MALAY!! considering that he's malay, with that kinda pronounciation, its already damn li hai le lor.

then jack neo said the most fucked-up thing of the night. he actually said jay learnt the pronounciation from taufik.

excuse me, but if that's an attempt of trying to be funny, well, it bloody failed. and miserably at that.

in fact, its a FUCKING INSULT.

JAY'S A TAIWANESE. his 1st language's mandarin. while his 1st album reali cannot decipher the words de, its much more better from his 2nd album onwards. n like wat i had said before, his pronounciation in an jing's GREAT.

FUCK U, SOAB. YOU FUCKING HAS-BEEN. u shldn't even bloody appear on camera and shaming the faces of the entire singapore nation. can u imagine what are foreigners gonna think if they watch him speaking that oh-so-horrible engrish to taufik? n i was thinking, 'jay wld b so damn shuang if he can c taufik singing his song on tape.' i mean, a malay singing his song. n brilliantly too. wow!

only to be followed by this dumb arse who said that totally fucked-up line??!?!?! this fucker totally SPOILT THE WHOLE DAMN THING.

it wldn't be that bad if he said taufik learnt the pronounciation from jay.

but he fucking said that jay learnt the pronounciation from taufik.

bloody hell. look, the whole pronounciation-joke thingy about jay is so damn PASSE. its not even funny anymore. i mean, i usually will bo hiew jokes bout the whole pronounciation thingy.

but this time, i totally erupted man. coz its not a joke. its a bloody insult.

u stupid asshole. what a shame to our entertainment industry. n i dun give a damn bout ur stupid horrible movies that usually just palgarise from other movies (read: the whole shoes plot from the iranian film) or stupid plots like being rich overnight.

its basically shitty idiots like him that caused our comedic industry to go totally downhill. n from what i see, there's no chance of it climbing back up too.

disgrace. shameful. and a totally, unfunny, lame asshole who thinks he's the best in the entire world.

Written at 11:19 pm


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