Saturday, January 15, 2005

life is so damn bloody sucky lately that i'm getting really fed-up.

i am always, ALWAYS late for class for some reason. Today's the last straw. CATS class starts at 10am, and i woke up at 10.10am. nice.

i basically rushed down to school by taking a cab. I HATE taking a cab because they are so damn ex. my $7.30 flew away juz like that! come on man, i didn't even spent that amount of money in school this past week!!!!!!!!!


and my mother gave me $200 to basically get a new haircut, new clothes and new shoes for the CNY. personally, i feel its not enough, but obviously i didn't say it out. she can go besherk if i piss her off. actually, that's an understatement. u get my meaning.


the most fucked-up thing of the day? i looked through the calender, and CNY's eve falls on a TUESDAY.

TUESDAY = 3-5pm MACRO lecture.

i can't bloody skip macro lecture. my family has reunion meal during the afternoon, coz my brothers hafta go to my dad's to have their reunion dinner.

so, its a compromise-sation.

but since i only finish sch at 5pm, and will only reach home around 6pm if i take a bus, i WILL MISS MY REUNION MEAL.

that is so damn bloody fucked up. i am seriously pissed right now with everything, especially NP who allocated such a fucked up timetable to me in the first place and not even bothering to give a half-day off even though the chinese population in the school is not small.

whatever. actually, it would be the best if they give a half-day's off on the eve of every public holiday. there are things to do at home you know.


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