Saturday, January 01, 2005

its the new year. after a year of ups and downs, we have finally entered into the year of 2005.

what should be a great day of celebration is marked by grief. i think all of us should take a moment to sit down and reflect on what had happened in the past week.

everyday, i switch on CNN immediately after i reached home and watched in absolute pain of the amazing footages of the tsunami disasters.

in just a few days, the world's changed. phuket, once an island of tourist paradise, is now completely destroyed. patong beach's littered with dead bloating bodies and resorts/hotels along the beach were gone too. now, phuket obviously is not the worst affected area, but the reason i'm pointing it out is coz i have been to phuket before. and the phuket in my memory is completely, utterly different from the phuket now. ;_;

it must have been absolutely traumatising for the people who managed to survive the disasters. in a matter of a day, their lives had changed forever.

i just couldn't bring myself to celebrate the new year. and i am usually a pretty stingy person, yet i actually forked out $2 yesterday to donate. yes, its a mere 2 bucks, but i am planning to donate more once i get my new weekly allowance.

a year of 2004 ends with utter tragedy. and i am not afraid to admit, i shed a few tears while watching parents grieving for their children, or children grieving for their parents.

we are really lucky people.

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