Tuesday, January 18, 2005

today, the 18th of January, 2005, is jay's 26th birthday!!

still a young guy, and already a multi-millionaire. wow. i remembered started liking jay since around sec 2 when he released his 2nd album, fantasy.

before him, all i listened was english music, not a single chinese song at all (unless you count those really cheesy national day songs).. but when i listened to ba wo hui lai le for the very first time, i liked it, A LOT~

so yah, i started knowing there's this musician called JAY CHOU around there.. i can still remember its my mother who bought the album for me because i kept saying i wanted to get his album.. after that, all i listened to was his CD.

then, came 8 du kong jian. a little disappointed, coz i still prefer fantasy.. but still liked the songs anyway.. especially zui hou de xhan yi..

then somehow, during the wait for his 4th album, i just went nuts over them. i also dunno why... but i was nuts enough to pre-order his 4th album.. which i normally don't do. i can still remember PT went nuts along with me over him at the same time.. its damn funny lor.

then came 2004, his fifth album and his incomparable concert. wow... those were some of the best days of my life.. i hope even better days will cone along if i can get the chance to see him again.. i will never forget man.. especially the time at heeren when i was just 10-15 cm behind him, and his concerts... and his arrival..and the one after the concert when i was just plastered at the back of the van and all that separated me and him was just a piece of glass. ^_^

damn fun. so over here, i wish jay all the best, and i hope he can reach even higher peaks this year.. and good luck especially in the golden melody awards.. and hope he can earn even more money. he's a generous guy who donated quite a bit to the tsunami survivors and basically give big hongbaos to his workers every year.. ^_^

happy birthday!

meanwhile, on another note, i managed to get the download of LOST started.. can't wait for it to finish downloading. i need my fix of lost, big time.

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