Tuesday, January 25, 2005

goodness, 2 posts wishing ppl birthdays.. haha..

happy birthday, ping ting! we will meet up sometime ok? both of us been really damn busy lately.. especially me and zx.. we have been visiting amore so many times that its our current 2nd home at the moment.

anyway, amore's real fun. i especially love the hip-hop and kickboxing classes. maybe a little more on hip-hop coz kickboxing is the same all the time. kinda tired of kicking and jabbing now.

i especially enjoy hip-hop class on saturday.. its an open class btw.. so sometimes its a little hard for me. heck, i can't even catch sometimes in the beginner classes. have been dancing for less than a month, you know.. muz forgive me. XD

my knees are terribly bruised now.. super black and blue and scary looking coz we have to slide the floors on our knees in the open class.. looks chio lah.. but i believe the people dancing don't feel chio at all.. pain ahhh!! muz wear knee pads next time.. i have ultra sensitive knees that get bruised very easily.

anyway, i've been attending so many lessons that i dunno which one is the best lah.. no wait, best is the open class de.. i mean, i dunno which is the best beginner class. i like carole's de.. her dancing so cute.. very street-like.. haha.

ok, gotta go now. damn tired and pain and shitty right now.

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