Sunday, January 16, 2005

i am not lost, if you ppl are thinking bout that.

actually, its regarding this new TV series called LOST. i managed to watched it, and i am so addicted to it right now.

i kid you not, within 5 minutes, i am hooked to this show. it is THAT good. the main reason why i started watching it in the first place is coz our DOM who played merry in LOTR is in this show too. He is Charlie, a has-been rocker.

Anyway, there are TONS of characters in this show, so he is not the lead one, neither is he just an extra. they focused quite a bit on him lah..

ok, 'Lost' is anything but lost. it received damn great ratings in the US and will premiere here in Singapore in March. Looking forward to it even though i am already watching it..

'Lost' is about a group of people who survived when their plane crashed in this really super-duper, remote ulu island. Well, they gotta survive and stuff like that, problem is: there's this weird thing living alone in the island with them.. and it kills people.

sounds jurassic park-like, huh? i can tell ya, i was so tensed when i watched only the 1st episode.. and the music and atmosphere and everything is just so damn brilliant!

i really feel along with the characters lor.. right now, i am trying to get episode 3 but bloody hell, i just can't seem to get it. super anxious now.. i need my LOST!!!!!

Written at 7:28 pm


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