Wednesday, February 23, 2005

been spending too much lately.

not on clothes. right now, i am on a super 'heck-care' phrase of wearing clothes to school. no more nice skirts, shoes or whatsoever. its all bermudas, track pants, and t-shirts everyday.

so what have i been spending on?

its all on manga, anime and cosplay.

*sighs* what an expensive hobby.

but i like it. damn, naruto has a hella merchandise to purchase. and cosplaying's harder. i went all the way to daisho at IMM to get the mask for the ANBU costume.. turns out that there's no stock left. *sighs* managed to get the long black gloves though.

but those are the easy ones. hard= katana. ninja shoes. anbu vest.

katana. katana. a bloody katana. but actually, if i do manage to get a katana, it would be easier for me in the future coz i'm planning to cosplay bleach too. n many other manga/anime characters carry katanas.

thanks to ky for bringing me to imm. and for accompanying lloyd and i to watch constantine yesterday.

constantine? ok movie. its not bad. keanu reeves is damn bloody sexy though. ok.. really sexy.

next movie: howl's moving castle. a must-watch for all anime fans around.

also went to kknm today to purchase some of the older naruto merchandise. spent a looooong time there. choosing and talking with the person in charge of the shop. anime/manga fans sure do have lots to talk about.

only that, my kakashi coin purse got snatched right under my very nose. i was planning to get it, but a boy got it earlier than me. alamak. n i was actually there earlier than him.


well, i've learnt my lesson. must immediately say what we want because anything can happen within a short period of time.

i also went to chinatown yesterday to purchase some cosplay stuffs. only to realise something:


i think the tourists are even more familiar with chinatown than me. and i am a singaporean chinese.

which made me think about how 'bo chap' the younger generation are these days. i admit, i am one too. yes, we know about the far east plazas and heerens in singapore, but the majority of us are not familiar with places like sungei boloh and the likes. instead, we are probably more interested in harajuku and shibuya instead. -_-''

i had actually enjoyed my little trip to chinatown yesterday and am looking forward to going back there in the near future. ^_^

oh yah, and if you want a very nostalgic feeling of the chinese singaporeans, go to middle street. that place is damn bloody happening.

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