Monday, February 14, 2005

so, a year passes, and before i know it, its time for the Chinese New Year and this year, we are in the Year of The Rooster.

Talking about roosters, i definitely snorted when the paper reported that there was this model of a rooster at Chinatown standing over some golden eggs.

Rooster.. and eggs. what's next? pregnant daddies??

actually, that wouldn't be a bad idea. can save all the poor females from the suffering of pregnancy and the distortion of their figures AFTER pregnancy.

basically, its a lose-lose situation.

back to CNY.

honestly, i love cny, and hate cny too.

why? its hard to hate CNY, coz firstly: the ang paos. cliche reason, i know, but i don't care.

come on, money makes the world go round. there's nothing special in CNY if i can't get those damn ang paos. talking about that, freak it, i'm turning 18 this year. soon, it will be a total embarassment for me to stick my hand out and blatantly ask for the damn red packets.

actually, its already an embarassment. i usually try to act innocent and wait patiently for the ang paos when actually, the only thought that kept going through in my mind was, 'juz gimme the bloody ang paos and i can get on with it.'

i mean, who likes to bai nian?? not only its boring, the only things they will talk about are, 'how's school? how's life?' and the inevitable 'OMG!! U HAVE GROWN TALLER!!!'

hello? kids do grow, you know.

and now, the thing that ALL singaporeans love. the food.

i honestly hate and love the food.

i love them cause its once-in-a-year. only once in a year will i get to eat the precious abalone, and before u think of it, no, i don't eat shark's fin.

i do have a heart.

so, not only the abalone, but also the kuehs and love letters and goodness-knows-what-else these sellers can think up of.

i love them. i seriously do.

but come the implications. these snacks are so damn fattening. I AM A GIRL, OK??

yet, i DON'T eat like a girl. i think i eat even more than my brothers, and they are at the peak of their puberty.

what's the use of me slogging it out at amore for the entire month then?? arghhh!!

not only that, we even have the steamboat(steamboat is not our reunion dinner), and i already lost count of the number of the fa cai yu sheng that i have eaten.

good thing is: i received a grand total of 3 comments that i have slimmed down. its considered a lot, since i don't have a lot of relatives, and most of the relatives are those that i see regularly.

but again, fact is: i didn't really slimmed down. maybe i've tonned up a little(amore). but i still have to be grateful to the black shirts that i wore while they came. i don't wear black when i go to bai nian, but i wear black at my own house, ok?

oh man, how can i live without the colour black? its my saviour, my love.

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