Sunday, February 27, 2005

my left eye's killing me at the moment. been hurting since yesterday and its red now. it feels like something's being stabbed in my eye, which is damn uncomfortable and painful.

tried putting some eyedrops.. didn't help.

anyway, nothing's been up. well, actually, alot of things been up, but i guess it is not that apprioriate to put it up here on my blog for the whole world to see.

no, its nothing disgraceful or illegal. it's just a certain person in my class.

forget it. just take it that i am in some dumb bad luck lately.

other than that, i've finally went to SIM for the first time on friday to have lunch, with regina, deborah, benny and steven.

i love the ban mian!!! finally, i've found a store with ban mian!! even though its not in my school, at least its near my school.

why the hell am i not tired of ban mian even though i eat it every week? it's just the same with yong tau foo. never got tired of it. though i hate the one in canteen 1. coz its damn oily when its supposed to be a healthy food. and the auntie scares me with her tattooed eyelids. and the queue is never, ever, short. damn. i think i can get 4D faster than my food during the lunch hours.

also went to far east yesterday to meet xuan to get the adapter from her for her laptop. thanks for lending me ur precious lappy, girl! luckily my mother will be back tomorrow so i can finally send that stupid acer laptop for repair.

realised something. i am so damn freaking sick of far east plaza. the clothes always look the same. while i went through the 'jap-pinky' phrase, i have gotten over with it and am in this current 'bo chap' phrase at the moment where big and baggy clothes are the ones that i want.

as for today, been chiong-ing all those stupid projects that are totally useless in my opinion. i dun get what's the point of doing those shit except for the marks. amazingly, i have also been catching up on the anime, 'bleach.'

its a must-watch. definitely. absolutely. and while ichigo is a weird name for a guy, heck, its a weird name for ANYBODY.. its strawberry for goodness' sakes!! he is damn freaking cool. very, very, very cool.


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