Thursday, February 17, 2005

i incredibly love this new layout. doesn't feature any ladies at all, perfect for a bishounen-lover like me.

however, rock lee is so NOT a bishie. shikamaru looks like a loser, however, he rocks big time with his incredibly super-duper high IQ of 200. and he's the 1st to become a chuunin! ^_^

went to action city today to look at the naruto stuffs and saw the naruto costume that teckie's (a.k.a dan) friends got for her. $90!!!

i admit, i'm tempted.

however, i didn't buy. maybe a while later. i would prefer to cosplay someone like sasuke though, coz his entire black suit is just too damn sexy. and i have black hair. seriously, i'm thinking of highlight my hair like pink or purple or blue or even green.

because there's this wonder of a colour hair spray that will enable me to have black hair anytime. or even blonde.

although i remembered last year during my 3 months stint at SRJC, i still didn't manage to escape the clutches of the discipline committee when i had highlights even though i sprayed it black to conceal them.

that psychotic teacher even asked me to cut away the highlights! come on, my hair will look like a total fashion disaster if i did what he said!

got fed up in the end and stopped attending the JC.

well, its over. now i'm in poly. yet i am having the hair colour of black.


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