Friday, March 11, 2005

so i'm here to blog about the bleach outing coz teckie wants me too. (see, i love u so much! XD)

well, it was on sunday, at liang court's mac.

i was damn bloody nervous because i knew nobody who's in the bleach group. which is understandable, since i'm a newbie..

thank goodness i had been chatting with seven, who is also from NP, and she gave me her number so i can call her if i get lost or anything.

of course i didn't get lost lah.. i hardly get myself lost except on a few occasions, which i am obviously not willing to divulge.

so, when i arrived, i was so nervous and fidgety that i did not even dare to enter into the bloody fast food restaurant. don't ask me why. so i sms-ed seven and she told me to wait for her because she's still at the mrt station. i guess i waited for around 10-15 minutes outside Mac like an idiot.. aiya, bo pian.. i rather act like an idiot outside than act like an idiot inside Mac.

time went really slowly. i think its more of a case of me being nervous (omg. how many times have i used that word in the last few paragraphs??) more than anything. finally, i got a call from her. she told me she's inside le.. so finally, i dared to step inside. FINALLY.

i just kept walking, turning my head here and there and finally spotted a group that looked suspicious. guess what? its taku and his friends. he recognised me because i met him before at KKNM when i was there buying some naruto merchandise with teckie. great! *not so nervous now* he can really talk a lot sia.. but he made me feel welcomed lah.

then a girl beside me said hello and introduced herself as seven! finally, seven-jie!! she was great! i guess she could tell i was feeling uneasy because everybody seems to know each other and i was like, the only newcomer to the cosplay scene so she took extra care to talk to me and made me feel very welcomed. ^^

its exactly what you had said, teckie. she really gave off a 'da-jie' feeling. i like her a lot. ^_^

so, the meeting was SCARY. there were over 20 people squeezed inside these 4 tables and it was really damn noisy. i noticed one uncle losing his temper cause too many of us were blocking the extremely narrow pathway. sorry, uncle..

basically, we discussed the costumes, clothes and made a self-introduction. surprisingly, i was not nervous when i was doing my self-introduction. must have been a first time. i always get nervous when doing such crap, especially in school and stuff. so yeah, i am doing soi fong, Captain of 2nd division and i am so looking forward to it. i introduced myself as a newcomer and was told that if i need any help, do not hesitate to ask them. yeah~!!

oh, shinigami's costume $85 each. damn. and that still haven't include the clothes and my captain's outer white coat. and the katana too. and the sandals. and the hair. damn, cosplay's an expensive hobby.

so, after a while, a few girls needa go home chiong their homework, and they were talking to seven. as i was sitting beside her, i tried to make small talk with them as well. and i was shocked when this indian girl suddenly ruffled my hair. haha. turns out she's tennis, and she said my hair's very 'reruffle-able.' don't ask me what she meant by that.

the group diminished a little as time goes by. seven also went off le. so i walked around with the others at Kino and after that, walked a '10 min' journey to bugis junction. can't remember who said it was only 10 minutes, but it actually took double that time. talked with ice-tea, valerie, and wolfpaws.

seems like all of the girls are tenipuri fans. so i was like, 'i dunno what to say because i have never watched/read tenipuri before.' i am a naruto fan nia. taku said he will psycho more people from the naruto grp to join the bleach grp. hahaha. oh, seven-jie's a naruto fan too! muahhahaha!

teck, i will try to psycho u to join the bleach group, so.. BEWARE!!

basically, i had fun. made many new friends and certainly am looking forward to have future meetings with them and knowing them better.

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