Saturday, March 05, 2005

met jerry and von at sim yesterday after class. both of them were arguing so much that they were giving me a bloody headache. my goodness. i would have seriously asked them to shut up if i can.

yesterday's the 1st time that i talked quite a bit with von for a long time. well, she's still the same. bitchy, bitchy, bitchy. really nothing better to describe u better, von. just kidding lah. ^_^

and jerry, go and join cosfest lah! it will be damn fun de~ even if don't want join, at least go there play play.

i met up with ping ting and zixuan during the evening to have dinner with them at sakae sushi. queue's scary. i ate miso ramen, but didn't really like it. i prefer udon.

we were nuts man. spent a long time taking pictures of ourselves with our handphones. damn narcissistic. zx took a really scary looking picture of herself.. which i really don't know how to describe it in words. basically, its a total disaster of one trying to act cute. -_-''

after that, walked around bugis village. then went to mos burger to talk till it closed. i destroyed ping ting's bear-brick HP accessory that she gave me. was apologising halfway when she destroyed hers too.

i miss her so much man. she was M.I.A for dunno-how-long. we will probably be going to the IT fair together next week.

today, went to kknm with teckie to buy some of the naruto merchandise. sharon's such a nice lady. ^^ after that, i talked with teckie for a while at TCC, all kinds of stuff. like what i said earlier, anime fans sure do have lots to talk about. i realised i missed teckie too.

she's one of my few longest friends. known her since pri 1. wow.

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