Thursday, March 03, 2005

watched howl's moving castle with regina, ky and lloyd yesterday at west mall. had lunch together with them and greg. greg only went there for the purpose of the arcade. haha.

i love the movie! ending's a little crappy(too fairytale and rushed for me) but i love howl and calcifer! especially howl!! bishie hahhh!! it was quite funny to hear some girls in front of us making a commotion everytime he appears.. well, actually, i would have done that too. thank goodness i have high tolerance.

and what the hell's been up with the weather lately?? it was so damn freaking hot for the past few weeks, and now, its raining like mad for the entire day. stupid rain caused me to be late for macro.

regina's damn power sia. her powerpoint skills very solid. she managed to did one in like, er.. 15 minutes? *kowtows* i will worship u forever, da jie.

saw yinyu today while shopping at ebase. haha. that girl didn't dare to call out for me because she wasn't sure its me because according to her, i slimmed down a lot.

Its the power of black. i wore entire black today. ahh! i love you, Black!

but obviously, of course i will not stop to slim down. hehe. that's something that a girl can never run away from. jia you! -_-''

anyway, my eye's better. thank goodness. i sure do not want to make another trip down to the damn freaking bloody noisy polyclinic for the 2nd time in a week.

read a magazine today that my mother bought. called 'shape.' turns out nike is releasing a whole new set of hip-hop clothes especially for dancing. u win liao, nike. but after reading that, my desire for dancing returns back full-time.

i muz go back to dancing, no matter what.

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