Tuesday, April 12, 2005

absolutely nothing's been happening. i'm bored out of my ass.

well, apparently, i was only needed at the warehouse at sheer to do some really crap work, so i'm back to square one.

*laughs* not that i'm taking it to heart. i'm actually kinda happy. oops, i guess i shouldn't have said that.

anyway, its most probably i will find another part-time job to support my cosplay, manga and merchandise needs. wish me luck, peeps! ^_^

if ky is reading this, i'm sorry girl, i seriously have no clue when i will be free. might needa postphone to next week or into the indefinite future. *sighs* this sucks. in shikamaru's words, mendokusei~~

and yvonne, thanks alot for helping me enquire about the job, i seriously appreciate it a lot. let's hope i can get the job, nia?

yichiko, ok, i was really shocked to see you tagging my board. omg, i missed you!! *remembers our jay chou-chasing days* this guy better come back to singapore fast so that we can do all those crazy stuff again!! *laughs* actually, we can meet up sometime too lah. with misdemeanor or pingting. i seriously haven't seen the both of them in AGES. and you too, of course! ^^

damn, this is getting to be a very corny post. looks like a really bad thank-you speech or something. so, i'm signing off here! ja ne!

currently listening: l'arc en ciel's loreley.

oh, does anyone know which l'arc en ciel's song did sly cover on his album? i heard his AN JING, erm.. let's say i prefer jay's. MUCH MORE.

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