Saturday, April 02, 2005

hols are here and i don't feel happy or relaxed at all. :(

that's coz i screwed up really badly in my POA exam. i seriously do not want to repeat that stupid module, and i don't want to stay back for one semester coz of one stupid module, and most importantly, i do not want to be separated from my poly classmates. i really like all of them. ^^ (eww, getting mushy over here.)

i will pray every week at the temple starting from next week at the Guan Yin Temple at Middle Street. yes, desperate i know, but i am getting really stressed over here.

ok, let's talk about some happy things here. well, my mother managed to get me a free 45 days pass at California Fitness, so my holidays will definitely not be wasted rotting at home. been going to the gym with ivy recently too. my muscles hurt like hell after thursday.

why? one warning to everyone right there: never try yoga and bodypump together. its a killer combination. honest.

for today, i went to KKNM to get some of the new naruto stuffs for teck and myself. poor girl's working, so i got them for her. ^^ be grateful wor!!

i also got a kakashi mascot for my brother, who's birthday is coming up soon. talking bout birthdays, regina-da jie and ky's bdays are approaching too, i will try to meet them up if possible.

after kknm, i went straight to amore for my hip-hop class. it was really fun. for the 1st time in a long while, i finally managed to catch the steps. YEAH!! really broke out in a sweat after dancing, i felt so accomplished. but well, i'm inconsistent. all i can hope is that i don't screw up next week because dancing costs a hella money.

so basically, i will not spend my holidays rotting, and i'm sure glad. but actually, i have a lot of anime and manga to catch up on, and my mother purchased $200 worth of storybooks for my brothers and i today. yeah!! story books!

yes, people, i do read story books.

*currently listening to dir en grey's CAGE* JERRY!! I NEED UR HELP IN JROCK SONGS!!!

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