Tuesday, April 26, 2005

currently at work, and blatantly blogging for the whole world to see. *shrugs* don't give a damn.

anyway, been noticing lots of promotion for the new movie, kingdom of heaven. hell yeah i am going to watch that. because, there's orlando bloom in there. orlando, people. even though his acting is pretty sucky at times (mind you, i am a huge fan of his), but this is the first movie he starred where he is the main lead and its by the director of GLADIATOR. how can i miss that??

and of course, it looks like a war movie. that kind of epic movie where you had to sacrifice everything to save the world and blah, blah. basically, its the epic battles that draw me. but up till now, i still find the epic battles of LOTR to be the best. well, call me biased, but i have a feeling that many people will agree with me. and yes, TROY sucks. everything sucks about that movie, with the exception of brad pitt's oh-so-hot body and his ass. *smirks* oh, and orlando's half-naked body from waist up. (of course its from waist-up!! gosh~~!!)

speaking of LOTR, i STILL haven't watch that bloody extended edition of return of the king. WTF??!??!?!!? i seriously needa catch up, and those of you who have watched the extended edition, PLS PLS PLS (seriously begging desperately over here) do not give me any spoilers.

ok, i must catch that movie soon. i cannot possibly avoid it forever for the rest of my life. i can honestly say that the main reason why i do not want to touch the DVDs is because.....

i will cry. really badly. because of the story, the acting, the everything, and most importantly, the ending of the journey. it basically means the end. and yes, i cried almost everytime when i watched ROTK (7 times, which will freak ppl out) in the theatres.

but, i didn't cry when i watched it the first time. i just felt the ache. only about 2 days after the viewing of the first time, i broke down. because it's basically the end. its hard to let go.. its hard not to anticipate for the next installment of the movie, and its extremely hard to tell yourself, 'this is the end. no more LOTR. and no more mania.'

but obviously, time passed and i am appreciating how the term, "LOTR" is well-known to almost everybody by now and it had already immersed itself into pop culture. this trilogy made history in the world of cinema, and Peter Jackson shown to the world that he had done the impossible, which is to film the 'book that can never be filmed.'

goodness. i realised i have been babbling about LOTR. but seriously, this is my most biggest fandom ever. and i am so glad to be a part of the RINGERS.

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