Tuesday, April 19, 2005

ok, was blogging halfway when the maid accidently switched off the switch. >_<# and this is not the first time, mind you.

something's seriously wrong with her.

so i've been saying about a new job i have, which is an admin job at the 14th floor of takashimaya, pay's $5.50 per hour. its so-so only lah. the good thing is that this job is damn slack, and i spent most of the time going on the net instead to play games and read fanfictions. *smirks* shhhhhh. don't tell anyone that. it's only a temporary job, though. but i don't mind......

because, i need to start to making my cosfest in order to be on time for Cosfest 2005, which is on July 10th, Sunday at Downtown East. ivy and i actually purchased a sewing machine from yahoo auctions which costs $30. we split the cost. i am skeptical though. because ivy's friend told her he bought one from chinatown for $60 and the needle broke on the very first try. T_T!!!!

for the past week, i've been slacking. oh, i also went to the gym. i've not been to the gym these few days though, and i feel so weird right now.

on last saturday, i went to kknm (again!!) to purchase some of the new naruto merchandise. i ended up purchasing for teckie, ivy, xiaobai and my brothers too. total bill came up to $226.50. LOL. yah, its scary, but i have gotten back the money from them already. ^^

on sunday, went to purchase cloth with ivy and xiaobai at that market around the middle street area. goodness, that place is HOT. if anyone of you is planning to go there, my advice is: don't be silly and wear super tight levi's jeans and long-sleeved shirts or even worse, sweaters or jackets.

oh, and jerry, my gmail addy is my name without the surname. =)

anyway, i think that's about it. oh, and yichiko, of coz i shocked lah.. in my mind, only like, 4 people read my blog. LOL. ^_^ thanks for reading my blog anyway!

OH!!!! and jay is nominated for 6 categories in this year's Golden Melody Awards!! U GO BOY!!! well, best producer can try next year.. serious.. i'm also disappointed he's not nominated for this category, but really, the other artistes had more shit than him.

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