Wednesday, April 13, 2005

currently listening: gazette - hanakotoba (this is a damn great song)

ok, i stolen this from some random LJ, and think it would be quite fun to answer these questions myself. ^_^ and yes, this is done utterly out of boredom.

Name 4 books on your bookshelf:
1. mangas. a hell lot of them.
2. some crappy speakers that my brother had placed there.
3. dumbells.
4. black hairspray. this is the one i used during my 3-months JC days to escape the wrath of the discipline committee but to no avail.

Name 4 DVDs in your collection:
1. LOTR 1, 2,3 Extended Editions. how can i not have them??
2. Harry Potter (only the first movie. don't ask me why i bought it)
3. Pirates of the Carribbean. OF COURSE. MY PIRATES LOVE!!
4. err.. Jay Chou's THE ONE concert in Taipei. its actually a pretty good DVD. oh, might as well add 'Incomparable' too. i haven't watched that though.

Name 4 things on your walls:
1. Jay Chou Poster
2. Naruto Poster (with Sasuke in the background with his chidori and Naruto in the foregroud with his rasengan.
3. nothing else, seriously, my walls are pathetic. used to be full of posters though.
4. OH!! my mirror!!

Name 4 things in your closet:
1. stuffed toys. a LOT of stuffed toys. beanies, to be more exact.
2. CD towers. i don''t have places to put them.. so i stuffed them into my wardrobe.
3. this is pathetic, but my legolas action figures.
4. posters. a lot of posters.

Name 4 songs/CDs in your music collection (playlist or other):
1. Jay Chou's CDs. nuff said.
2. well, currently listening to gazette's honokotoba.
4. Naruto's OSTs.

Name 4 real life stores you shop at regularly:
1. Kinokuniya (for my mangas and story books, obviously)
2. Giordano.
3. Tenchi (another manga franchise)
4. errr... cold storage? LOL. well, that doesn't count. its KKNM, actually. then where do you think i got all my naruto merchandise from??

Note: i just realised 3 out of the 4 above all had to do with either manga or anime. is that a good or bad thing?

Name 4 animals that you've come face-to-face with in real life:
1. pls lah, what kind of question is this??? Cats lor, Singapore is full of those.
2. dogs.
3. fishes.
4. ok, let's have something a little more exotic here... erm, probably kangaroos. in australia. i was freaked out. well, i was still very young, ok? didn't dare to touch the kangaroos.

Name 4 things in your wallet/purse:
1. cards. i got a lot of cards for some reason. ezlink, NP card, library card, atm card, amore card, california fitness card, OP card, sentosa card, kbox card, KKNM card, tenchi card, coffee bean card...
2. coins. 30 cents.
3. neoprints of zx, pt and i. still haven't taken them out. took them way last year.
4. movie ticket stubs. howl's moving castle and constantine. went to watch them with ky and da-jie. ^_^

ok, that's about it. felt like i have wasted the past 10 mins of my life. well, i'm bored.

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