Thursday, April 07, 2005

i really should blog more frequently. later my friends see everyday same post also got sian 1/2 then will stop reading my blog altogether. -__-''

anyway, i found work at sheer romance thanks to my good old friend, zixuan! i love u girl! but actually, its damn tiring lah, i really work till i wanna die.

i actually vomitted today due to the number of stomach acid in my stomach, even though i had eaten dou jiang you tiao for breakfast. its probably coz i didn't take my meals regularly recently, so yeah... it was very uncomfortable. i felt like being punched in the stomach.

so, due to work, i hardly find time for social life anymore. i spent all day at the stupid shop, looking at all those bras and bikinis. its damn SIAN LAH!!

where the hell am i gonna find time for my gym? for my cosplay? for my cosplay group outings? from what i know, the bleach cosplay group is gonna have another outing, this time to decide on the materials for our costumes, and i definitely cannot miss that!!

and cosfest is also coming in july, i needa start on my anbu vest now coz i might add a cloak to my anbu costume. cloak more shuai qi mah..

seriously, when i wanted work, i never expected to work everyday lah. i am looking for a part-time job. geez. as in, one week work only 3-4 days. its my holidays, i wanna slack, not work my ass off. and the pay's crappy too.

basically, i'm tired. but i will probably continue on because of the money and quit during the beginning of may to concentrate on my costumes le. also to catch up on my animes (notice the plural form) and manga.

i wanna go my gym also loh!!!! wa lao!! i feel so weird if i don't do some kickboxing or yoga.

what else? ermm.. met up with teckie on sunday to search stuff for her death note cosplay, we managed to find the red tie for a mere $5 bucks. thank me, girl! ^__^

after that, we met up with her cosplay friends and yes, i got introduced to more people. they are really nice people. looking forward to meeting them again in the future. they are the naruto cosplayers, by the way. and a few of them also doing anbu for cosfest. yeah!!

she said something that touched me. she said if she wasn't proud of me, she wouldn't have introduced me to them. thank you very much, girl. i really appreciate it a lot from the bottom of my heart. (i am getting tooo mushy lately.)

i think that's about it. whoever is reading this at least tag on my board, ok? ^_^

currently listening: gackt - ~emu~ for my dear. yes, i am still on a jrock craze.

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