Thursday, April 07, 2005

von, shut up. *glares* seriously, if i can find a job at sushi tei, i will quit the sheer romance job immediately. pay's crappy, environment's crappy and yeah, everything is crappy.

its my off day today, and for the first time in dunno-how-many days, i had my first real proper meal at a proper time. went to eat lunch with my mum at sushi tei(yes, i really love sushi tei) and she bought me a pair of 3/4 pants at giordano. then i found out that you will get a 20% off at giordano if its ur birthday. just show you IC and voila! u can shop like mad!

regina and ky, TAKE NOTE!!! my brother's birthday is coming up too, yeah!! i wanna get a pair of that baggy long pants that costs $45. imagine after 20% less? wa lao, damn worth it lor!

poor jerry's tagboard being spammed at the moment by some pathetic loser. i actually cracked up laughing when i saw what that asshole wrote. stupid idiotic pathetic moron who obviously has nothing better to do. this type of people really should just GROW UP AND GET A LIFE.

talking about life, i'm apparently not allowed to have off days on saturdays. wa lao. i have my dance class every saturday. and i die die also will not skip my dance class!! >_<

*sighs* what the hell am i supposed to do??

anime-wise, i saw the preview after episode 127-128 of naruto. damn bloody cute!! ahhhh!! sasunaru!!~~ *smirks*

also, ivy sent me the vanilla video yesterday. oh my freaking goodness. gackt is too bishie le!! he's probably the most beautiful man in japan. haha!! and yes, i am serious. he is beautiful, sexy, and drop-dead gorgeous.

and he is absolutely suitable with blonde hair. made him looks more sexier. and i absolutely love his songs!! for vanilla, well, the lyrics are pretty suggestive, and his live performance of that song is real scary.

very scary.

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