Thursday, May 19, 2005

i've finally watched naruto's episode 134. what an episode.

i cried so hard. really hard. actually, this ain't the first time i cried while watching naruto. i got teary when i watched certain parts before.. like the whole neji's backstory. but recently, with this whole 'chasing sasuke' arc, it got soooo painful.

i cried when watching episode 132.. when naruto cried.. i cried with him.

in 134, its the finger-locking part!!!! *sobs* i broke down once the music (hokage's funeral song) starts playing, and i broke down even harder when i saw young sasuke smiling at young naruto.

its just that, the bond they have is so strong, and so unique. while they frequently like to compete against each other (the whole rival thingy), fact remains that both of them actually understand each other due to the similarities of their childhood. basically, loneliness. both of them know what is the feeling of being lonely and no matter how they always fight and argue among each other, they are friends. best friends in fact. sasuke admitted it himself.

and for him to stupidly throw away this relationship just for the sake of seeking power, it broke my heart even more. and the whole part of him walking into darkness... my goodness. what a depressing episode.

naruto is the light while itachi is the darkness. and sasuke's stuck between both sides of light and darkness. he's so deep into his hatred that he cannot see himself improving, especially when he witnessed how powerful naruto had now become. he's blinded by all these negative feelings that he pushed away naruto, who has the power to bring him out of the darkness. he refused to let naruto bring him out of the darkness, and that's what broke my heart the most.

and i am not talking about this from a yaoi-fangirl point of view. its really all about friendship, you know? in naruto, its all about friendship. how friendship can save you from loneliness. to me, that's the main theme in the story. and that's why i love the story so much.

*sighs* yes, i am overwhelmed right now. its so painful, and what an ending to a painful arc. urgh!! SO DEPRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

ok, naruto aside, i just watched kingdom of heaven yesterday with PT. erm. the battle scenes are nice. its definitely better than troy. n the whole strategy thingy that balian thought up kicks ass. oh, his slap to the young servant too. orlando did a good job here. :) not a GREAT one, but not a sucky one either.

and i'm definitely feeling better now. still coughing with phlem though. but definitely better than last week. damn you weather. so many ppl around me are falling sick too.

ok, so i'm logging off right here, and back into my naruto-mood. ^_^

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