Saturday, May 07, 2005

sorry that i haven't been blogging for eons.. but so many things had happened lately. well, not only in real-life, but many things had also been going through my mind.

i just went through a period of my life that had me crying almost everyday for the past week. *sighs* everything's so tiring. and people who know me know that i hardly cry from.. well, 'depression' or whatever you deemed it, and that i usually cry from anger.

this time, its just a weird feeling i had.. and it refused to go away. i endured it for around 3 days till i couldn't take it anymore and just cried for the entire day.

but well, life's like that. and i sincerely thank teckie, ivy and PT for taking their time out to talk to me and make me believe that things aren't as bad as it seemed.

teckie, thanks for coming to my house personally to talk to me. ivy, thanks for spending that ridiculous amount of time on MSN trying to knock some sense into my head. PT, thank you too.

but yes, life's been happening. my mum signed me up for a 2-year membership at california fitness. yeah~~!! i especially love bodycombat, hiphop and yoga. i am trying to incorporate some time for steps and jazz now, although its very hard with all the work i have and it will get even worse when school starts.

but anyway, now that my school timetable's out, i am planning to take up japanese at a commerical school, probably INOUE. ivy recommended that school to me and teckie said its that school that got featured in MAGE all the time.

OH!! had my 2nd bleach outing~!! its well, a little more fun this time because i happened to be in a very hyper mood that day and i think i made a fairly good introduction of myself. and yes, i got teased by my hair constantly.. especially by taku. T_T

he also called teckie and i monkeys. quoted: 'two little monkeys'. hahahaha.

met some new cosplay people, namely rika, osaka, omm, kie.

well, rika burned a BL drama disc for teckie and i listened to it. it definitely lived up to its name as 'one hour of non-stop hits.' oh my bloody goodness, i think i was blushing the entire time i listened to it. rika loves legolas too!! whoopee~!

kie's a nice girl who's a huge FMA fan. she does tsunade from naruto and envy from FMA. ^_^ she shares my views that LOTR is a huuuuuge friendship story and we can't see anything that goes beyond that. LOL.

osaka and omm are a pair of really nice and friendly siblings and osaka's a master with his hands regarding about props. i can only say, 'wow.' and omm's sooo kawaii!!

thanks again to teckie for introducing them to me. i really like them a lot. ^^

and yes, i am very tired. that's why i broke down. it attributed to many factors and i took my friends' advice and had a few days off from work. though i am still not fully ok now, but its definitely much more better. and of course, liverpool!! LIVERPOOL BEAT CHELSEA!!!

that got me happy for the remaining of the week. ^_^ i will never ever forget the atmosphere that anfield has generated.

You'll Never Walk Alone.

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