Wednesday, May 25, 2005

school has started! its not even a year and i am already in my 2nd year in ngee ann polytechnic, and guess what? i feel nothing at all. haha. all i know is, its gonna be boring as hell after i attended a few lectures.

ok, basically, these few days have been happening for me. its not like i don't have anything to blog about, but its because i am just too darn lazy to.

anyway, on sunday, teckie invited me to the khk rehearsals. so, i went. was late a little though. ok, fine, i was very late.

kie was there~! she also joined khk and will be singing one of the songs from full metal alchemist. i listened to the people singing over there and suddenly feel i am in choir all over again, doing the projection thingy and hitting the high notes. -__-'' of cause i didn't sing lah, i was just there to watch those people rehearse. some songs that they had chosen are very nice!! very sad songs. i will probably be there for the real thing. :)

after khk, teckie, kie and i went to bugis to have dinner, and after that, we met osaka and seven! i was so glad to see seven! ^_^ she's my senior in NP as well, and in the same bleach group as me for end of year.

and damn it, i NEED to think up of a design for my katana soon!! i feel so bad, cause i think osaka's getting frustrated. T_T so sorry!! i will definitely think up of one ASAP.

after that, kie, teckie and i went to taka's kino cause kie wanted to get some japanese manga, and i really mean JAPANESE.. as in, the language and everything, and bugis's kino don't sell them. and that day was the last day for 20% off. LOL. while at taka's kino, teckie and i immediately noticed this book on the shelf, which has the name 'COSPLAY and TONG REN ZHI'.. the 'TONG REN ZHI' caught our eyes immediately *smirks.* for those who don't know, it means yaoi manga. hahahahaha!

we actually went to the counter to open up the book to have a look at it. whooo~ got death note cosplay, dir en grey, and a lot more that i can't remember. very interesting book~

after kino, osaka met up with us and we walked around until to cineleisure. watched some guys played parapara and chatted for a while.

on monday, went to watch 'last quarter' with teckie and julia. HYDE IS SUCH A BISHIE!! *drools* that movie is great! and i am so addicted to the song 'the cape of storms' right now! hyde has officially entered into my list of bishies. and contrary to what you think, my list of bishies ain't gigantic. will put up my list of bishies one day. XD and yes, i like l'arc en ciel. not cause of this movie. been listening to them for quite a while now.

edmund and his girlfriend also went to watch the movie. shikamaru and shizune~!! omg. what a weird pairing. LOL. i mean, in CANON-WISE. his girlfriend is very cute. :) they make a very cute couple together. and guess what? before we went to watch the movie, we saw RIKA!! we had a group hug. -_-'' turns out she just finished watching 'last quarter' with her new poly mates. good luck in poly, gal~

'last quarter' is great. yeah, i mentioned it just now, and i will mention it now again. hyde's engrish made me LMAO. 'i don't give a damn.' HAHAHAH! i wanna watch it again!!

after that, we went to meridien's food court so that teckie can return the subgay t-shirt to oni. at the food court, i met oni, ken-jo, elrond and ziru. they are also very nice people. :)

saw a pic of oni's wig on his HP. its damn POWER. the whole wig was sticking straight out 180 degrees. *jaw drops*

rika brought her gothic lolita magazine and she, julia and i were going gaga over the clothes. i've finally found my GL mates!!!! *cheers*

after that, rika, elrond and ziru left. the rest of us walked over to PS cause the guys wanna eat bentos from carrefour. but it was too late lah. all the bentos were sold out. ended up in the food court.

and oh my goodness, i have never laughed so hard before in the last few months. we were crapping about star wars and oni were singing the 'wong wong wong bee song' because a 'wong' sound will always be made when the light sabres hit each other. wa lao lor.. trust him to think up of using a children's song for that.

and references were made to the subgay club ALL NIGHT. i laughed till i was coughing. especially the part when they were talking about the box that the darth vadar always carries and claimed its full of shit inside. so whoever managed to hit the box have to do the matrix in order to avoid those shit. -______-'' what the hell man. obviously, its all crapping lah, so no offence hor. i mean, i crapped about LOTR all the time too. and harry potter. and obviously naruto. ESPECIALLY naruto.

after that, late liao. got school next morning. so went home. went home in the mrt with julia, and we chatted for a while. she's really nice. ^^

basically, i had a great time. but was tired as hell the next day i went to school. obviously due to the fact that i reached home at 11pm and chatted on msn with my friends till 3am. -_-''

and teckie, i meant what i said in msn. ok? and you changed for the better lah, and its a good thing. i am very proud that our friendship started all the way from primary school, and you are important to all your friends around you. ^_^ must take care hor, don't be stupid like me to do unnecessary stuff and ended up being sick for more than a week.

and meanwhile, i wish liverpool all the very best. its the game of a lifetime. don't let the fans down. and most importantly, don't let yourselves down. i gotta go sleep now, cause have to wake up later for the match.

good luck.

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