Thursday, May 12, 2005

i'm at work again.. been here since 11am. *sighs*

been sick for the past few days now, its the weather!! screwy weather!! what the hell is happening?? so, i went to see the doc yesterday at outram polyclinic.. waited over an hour for my turn. that's how fucked up polyclinics are. sometimes, i really wonder why certain patients take soooooo long in the doctor's room... one patient was in the doc's room for about half an hour yesterday. and when it came to me, i came out of the doctor's room like, 2 mins later.

not that i went to get an MC or something, but i was straight to the point. i told her what's wrong with me, and tada! DONE!! now on medication, which makes me drowsy.. and i still feel like shit.
throat feels crap, coughing like mad, and my nose is blocked. T_T

anyway, teckie sms-ed me today to tell me she got a B for her SubGay presentation!! YOU GO GIRL!! i'm so proud of you! SubGay rules the world~~!! XD for those who don't know what is SubGay.. *smirks and starts laughing evilly* i believe the definition and motto of our club will be best explained by the founder herself. i am just a small-fry member lah, but as pervy as her i guess. no wait... teckie, you are level 1 only. i am level 1.5. LOL!

ivy sent me gackt's new pv, 'black stone' last night. whooo.. gackt-sama is sooo cute! you know, i never used the word 'cute' on him before, cause he's too gorgeous for nuts.. but in that pv, he's so cute! except for the two cockroach feelers he had.. but he was playing the electric guitar and everything.. and the 'sey' is there.. ^^ its a *cute* and cheerful mv, but frankly, nothing.. NOTHING beats Vanilla in terms of smex-ness.

she also sent me some BL drama tracks.. well, they are okay. but after hearing rika's 'one hr non-stop hits' cd, i find the others so-so only. thanks to rika for all her efforts~! hahaha!

ok, logging off right here. i think another bout of coughing is coming. T_T

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