Saturday, June 25, 2005

blogger BLOODY SUX. i finally had a post all done out and it freaking hanged.

what the bloody hell!

ok, anyway, i was blogging about my latest favourite: DIR EN GREY.

yeah yeah, a very big difference from backstreet boys. but goodness, bsb was like, when i was 12. i'm already 18 now.

ok, back to diru. i always know about them, of course. since i listen to jrock all the time. the first song that i know of diru is CAGE. yeah yeah, the song with the damn amazing bass solo.

but, it only turned into a full-fledged obsession when jasmine sent me the music video of that song. i was like, 'OMG,' when i first saw the video.

its gory, yeah, but the makeup and costumes were brilliant. and toshiya, the bassist of the band, is soooo sexy.

he was so pretty in there. XD

which got me to source for more diru's pvs and live performances.

i'm seriously amazed by them. yea, they cross-dressed. not all of the members. only toshiya and shinya. honestly, people will freak out the first time they see dir en grey in full gear, because, yes, its pretty scary. but i learnt to appreciate the costumes and makeup they have in their pvs and live performances.

its very, very, very inspiring.

which remind me of the conversation greg and i had the other day during EC tutorial.

he saw the wallpaper i had on my laptop and...

greg: 'oh my gosh. your wallpaper is very shad. who is she?'
me: 'er.. he's a guy.'
greg: 'o.O!!!!!!! on my gosh!! he's a guy???'

yeah. that was toshiya by the way. and yes, their costumes can be very feminine and with makeup on, they can look like girls. damn the pretty boys.

showed the pvs to my brother too. he was like 'the world is changing.' but he likes their songs though. their music can be pretty hardcore.. but some songs are really, really good. i guess i've grown out of the 'poppy boy-band' phase. actually, i grown out of it LONG AGO.

visual kei bands actually existed since the 80s with the grandfather of jrock, X-JAPAN. luna sea was a pretty big visual kei band in the 90s too..

as for diru, actually, they don't do visual kei anymore. they look like guys now. haha. but many people still go crazy over their visual kei days.

which got me to something. i will definitely, absolutely, 100% do jrock. i love gothic lolita, but i love visual kei even more.

their costumes will probably cost a few hundred bucks. but you know what, i don't mind. its that inspiring.

ok, on another note, managed to see jay chou on tuesday at lido. waited goodness-knows-how-many-hrs for him. girls were like, screaming 'edision!' into my ear.. but heck, i got to see jay, even if its for like, a few minutes and i'm happy.

ok, sure sign off here with a picture of toshiya. rika was also going gaga over it when she saw this pic on my display pic at msn. whooo. yes, he's pretty.

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