Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i'm down with a serious bad flu. doctor gave me 3 friggin' days of MC off school.

damn it lah. i know, i should be celebrating, but 2nd year is way different in first year lor. missing a lecture of IEF can KILL. i am so gonna be dead. frankly, i would rather be in school. its so crappy to be on medicine the entire day and the only thing i can do is sleep. i don't even have the appetite to eat. and i feel giddy all time. damn u, flu.


once again, things have been happening.

first of all, streetfest. weather's damn bloody crappy. i was honestly cooked under that kind of weather. what's more, i was wearing a long-sleeved top. a little bit of gothic lolita i guess, but it isn't very good. :(

what stuck in my mind the most is the cosplayer for MANA. omg, she rocks. the attitude, attire and makeup is plain perfect. she refused to speak into the microphone and she must be addressed as 'madam.' OMG, SHE ROCKS. teckie went as raito OC, julia as misa, rika as visual kei howl (that jacket rocks!!!), kie as riku. li hui(teckie's poly friend) came over too, she is a great girl! big time jrock fan and yaoi too. *coughs*

teckie, your pants rocks man. anyway, i saw lots of wonderful jrockers at streetfest. their costumes were plain brilliant. i definitely learnt a lot from that day. and yes, one of my aims is to do jrock someday too. i TOTALLY love the dressing, hair, makeup.

the bands were great too. edmund's band is great. the band that did naruto is great too. they played dir en grey!! FINALLY!! i was like, wtf man. so many bands and none of them played dir en grey????? after that, its the band defuse. the lead singer did a damn great job of x japan's tears. i was like, totally high.

after that, we buay tahan liao, went to cine to chill. finally decided on the katana's design with osaka. thanks man!

later on, went to PS with teckie, julia, kie and some others. met new people. ate dinner.

then arcade. teckie and elmo failed badly at the guitar game, which got everyone cracked up. the taiko drums is damn cute though, i would love to play it sometime. :)

ok, and i needa log off now. brain's dying. and once again, why the hell am i online????

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