Friday, June 17, 2005

procrastination : probably the word that describes me best. i'm just too darn lazy to even blog regularly.

anyway, obviously ok now regarding about my flu. if its still not ok, something's seriously wrong.....

........i'm still coughing, though.

at work right now. sick with all these stupid work. i want to enjoy my life. not to be stuck in the office whenever i have free time. but, i need the cash.

life sucks.

just now, one of the office-people even asked me, 'why come here work all the time? go and enjoy life lah.'

I KNOW!! then i realised the impression i am giving to people around me. that i have no life. because i am in work all the time, they would presume that i don't hang around with my friends.

damn it. i guess the impression is already there. that i am a loner with nobody wanting to hang around with me.

i started to ponder about it. is it true??? am i that pathetic? i seriously hope not. its just that i am way too busy for everything. and even when i finish work, its off to the gym and it will end up me being too tired to even shop around, let alone hang out with friends till midnight.

people, please tell me its not true.

Written at 4:52 pm


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