Monday, July 11, 2005

*toast to all the wonderful people who made cosfest 2005 into a big success!*

yesterday was great! i am damn tired now though.. now i know cosplaying can take a huge energy out of you.

well, yesterday's my first cosplay ever, and i enjoyed it. however, i would only give my cosplay a barely-pass. well, truth is the truth. mine is not exactly very good.

and i learnt a lot too. first of all, teckie gave me comments saying that i need to have more poses. i thought about it, and totally agree. that's something i need to improve on. i can't possibly do the same poses all the time. i totally admire those cosplayers who can think up of poses so quickly and brilliantly. that's something i seriously, honestly need to work on.

teckie was raito yesterday. she finally found the perfect blazer. and she was going around handcuffing everybody. got some super cute pictures of her! ^^

anyway, met jasmine yesterday. and she, teckie and i finally had a pri school reunion at COSFEST!! XD. she's someone i missed a lot.. and oh my goodness, i dunno how we actually survived through primary school with all the crazy stuffs we had done.

also finally gotten my katana from osaka yesterday. it rocks. it owns. i totally love it. well-worth the money.

the battle royale team rocks. PARAPARA!!! they got the dance from this video which takuya kimura danced to this song.. it was soo funny. i laughed like mad when i watched the video, and also laughed when i watched rika and co danced to it.

speaking of rika, she did a great job singing 2 songs yesterday.'s COSFEST IDOL!!! honestly, she sang better than what i hear on superstar and singapore idol. u go girl!

what are the other limelights? probably oni, who did ryu from shaman king. that guy is nuts man! he danced like a pro from saturday night fever with his 'erected' hair and made us laugh and cheer for him. he deserves to win the best male cosplayer of the day. ^^

what else? oh, made animus did a super gay orochimaru pose. lame lah.

oh, and probably the best thing of the day, i took pictures with a toshiya cosplayer!! she rocks man!! i totally love her 'raison detre' costume! i actually went up to her and ask whether she's doing toshiya(even though i know la.. stupid question i know) and when she replied yes, i was like: 'OMG I LOVE TOSHIYA!!"

(super fangirling) and she was like, I LOVE YOU TOO!!! lol. (fangirls somemore)

brilliant day. the only thing i'm disappointed in is my own cosplay. not the costume.. but my poses.

i need to work on it more. and prepare for BLEACH at end of year.

to myself: GAMBATTE!!!

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