Thursday, July 21, 2005

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whooo. finally, a new layout. and this one's simple. i can just change the picture whenever i want to. and yah, PT, i deliberately make it white. i am so sick of seeing my blog so blackie.

so, just finished my marketing paper today, which is full of crap. i mean, the stuff i wrote are bullshit.

at least i can write bullshit. i can't even do that in AAA or IEF or even EC. and the main reason being i don't even know what the questions are talking about.

wanna see faggy dir en grey? watch the PV of 'Garden.' Toshiya's brows freaked me out.

read jerry's blog just now and i was like, 'huh????' its basically some stuff about boyfriends sending girlfriends home.

in my opinion, no need lah. although i have never been in an relationship before in my entire life, what i know is, i will be turned off by girlfriends being so clingy to their boyfriends all the time, or even vice-versa. i seriously don't find the need in that.

unless both of them are hopelessly madly in love with each other, which don't happen in reality by the way, and only happens in stories such as 'Romeo and Juliet,' which has a tragic ending anyway.

of course, it would be good to fantasise once in a while about the perfect romance, but like what life is, nothing's perfect. that is why stories, movies, mangas and fanfiction exist, to let us escape from the harsh reality once in a while.

well, back to reality. i can't stand guys who are so possessive of their girlfriends, or girlfriends who are so paranoid of their boyfriends cheating on them. i guess in a relationship, there have to be trust with each other. but again, i am only a thinker on this part, and have never experienced it before.

that's why i always said relationships are so troublesome. you cry over this, you go cuckoo over that. and i believe that if i am in a relationship, i will probably feel suffocated.

i guess i am still too young for that. what i want now is to enjoy my life, my freedom and the things that i am doing. as long as i am happy, everything is ok with me. ^_^

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