Saturday, July 02, 2005

my obsession with dir en grey is seriously becoming unhealthy. because of them, i finally updated my ipod after a few months of neglection and right now, i seriously can't live without my beloved ipod. you will never see me without the ipod now.

i even sacrificed my sleep in order to download their PVs and clips. that's like, super extreme. also spent almost every night going gaga over them with jasmine on msn. -_-''

sounds desperate, huh? my goodness. the first thing i do if i have the chance to go to japan is to rush to a CD store immediately and get all the Dir en Grey CDs and DVDs, and might as well get the gackt and l'arc en ciel ones too. in fact, i might even get kaggra, gazette, vidoll, glay cds too.

as if i am rich. duh.

super-duper in love with toshiya too. i even call him my hubby now. *snorts* ok, i'm nuts. diru fans, please don't kill me.

its damn ironic now to think of it. the year the backstreet boys came back to the music scene, is the year i fell in love with another band, and what a different type of band it is. ha~! well, bsb is when i was still a teenybopper. now, i don't hate them, neither do i really like them either. 'incomplete' is nice though.

today went to the tailor with some of the bleach cosplay group people to tailor my costume. thanks to gwing, who managed to find the tailor for us. well, its expensive, but i believe the costume will turn out brilliant.

one thing pleased me though. the moment the auntie looked at me before she took my measurements, she asked whether i exercise or not. i said, 'how do you know?' she said i looked very fit, with straight shoulders and flat stomach. she even touched my tummy. LOL!! FLAT TUMMY!! OMG, that's like the best compliment in weeks.

until she said that my body is long and my legs are not long. damn. girls with long legs are great sia. so envious of them.

but well, yes, i do exercise. in fact, i make sure i go to the gym around 5 times a week. i think losing weight will be hard, cause seriously, i eat more than my brothers. and they are in their puberty. so, i'm going for toning instead. whoo~~~

speaking of which, i should do yoga again. haven't been doing that in like, a month. its all combat and hiphop right now. too much cardio will make you too built-up, which is a total nightmare for a girl.

also, ivy brought the anbu vest that she made for me. its halfway done. i honestly love it. thank you, nee-chan~! i owe you one. next time i bring mentoes for you to eat. hahahahaha.

poor girl's going through a hard time now, and all i want you to know is, i will always be there, ok? i am no aunt agony, but i can listen to all your bitching without complaining.. on a good day that is. ^_^

you are a strong girl, and i am proud to know you and xiaobai. :)

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