Sunday, July 17, 2005

urgent help!!!!!!!!!!: bareback or captain soi fong???

i am so going to be dead for my AAA common test. not only i will not pass, but i will fail miserably at that. damn.

so right now, i am trying to cram in as much information as possible into my head in time for tomorrow's OM test. (please don't ask why the hell am i blogging here when i am supposed to be studying.)

recently met up with jasmine. teckie came along too. finally, the 3 muskeeters reunited! i can still remember the nightmares we caused mr benjamin yeo to have in hong wen primary school due to our chaotic pranks and antics.

i love them lots. they are probably the first friends i ever had.. and up till now, still some of my best friends. ^_^

had great fun with them that day. highlight of the day was probably when we were taking neoprints. oh my goodness. it was a riot. we did all the gayest poses ever. and also did a homage to the SUBGAY CLUB~~!! (founder: teckie, president: oni)

i am probably gonna change my blog layout soon. i am getting sick of looking at the same picture of naruto. not only that, my blog is too picture-intensive.

this came from pingting: jay chou will be releasing a compliation of 10 songs plus 2 INITIAL D theme songs in japan. it will be titled 'Initial J'

now, 10 songs from his 5 albums. this sounds like an incredible HARD job to me.

only 10 songs!!!!

so, while ping ting and jerry already put up their '10 songs' list.. its time for me!!

here it goes:

1. Yi Fu Zhi Ming (now, this song is a big classic. with a great MV to go as well. i just love the whole melody in this song. probably one of jay's best songs.)
2. An Jing (i HEART this song. love the violins in the background.)
3. Ba Wo Hui Lai Le (*shrieks* the very song that made me love jay!!! cello is great, rapping is great, and the chorus is plain addicting)
4. Shuang Jie Kun (something cheena for the japanese lah. wait, they don't understand chinese. heck, i know chinese and I ALSO DON'T UNDERSTAND what the hell is he rapping about!!!)
5. Qi Li Xiang (A MUST. Nuff said.)
6. Hei Se You Mo (hard to sing song. can show off his singing skills)
7. Zhi Zhang Zhi Shang (a very jay-song. haha! nah, its to show off his piano skills in that song)
8. Zui Hou de Zhan Yi (sad song, sad lyrics, sad MV. just plain brilliant)
9. Qing Tian (yes, ping ting, i agree with you. HE IS SO SHUAI IN THERE.)
10. Long Quan (the cheena of the cheena songs)

Ok, that's about it. damn, its HARD. i realised most of the songs appeared from his FANTASY album. and actually, i have a feeling he will put 'Ai Zai Xi Yuan Qian" in the compliation. that song is great too.

urgh. this is the problem when you have too many good songs.

speaking of which, my ipod has over 100 dir en grey songs right now and their entire discography is still not there.

currently addicted to: Dir en grey - Jealous Reverse.

this song is from the single of [KR]Cube. omg, i love that PV. Jealous Reverse is a beautiful song. its actually the song of 'jealous'.. only this time, kyo sang it with the piano only. can let the other members take a break.

haha! especially shinya. he needs to eat more. he seriously have twigs for his arms.

well, kyo performed this song before live. in the 'blitz 5days' concert. that concert OWNS. i love toshiya and die's headbanging. SO CUTE!

actually, osakajo hall 99 concert owns too.

damn. now its time to get the Macabre concert. also the 5Ugly concert. might as well say the Code of Vulgarism concert too.

i would DIE to go to one of their concerts.

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